Web Design

Shopify Website Design

Sales Channels

  • Shopify
  • eBay
  • Amazon

Inventory Management

  • Veeqo

Site Experience Enhancements

  • Bundling Product Discounts
  • Quantity Breaks
  • Custom Options
  • Bold’s Product Options

Sales Bundles

  • Sales Bundles (discounts apply automatically when minimum qty is added to cart, no coupon code required)

Product Page / Shopping Experience

  • Product Quick Views for a faster shopping experience (without having to click into a product page).
  • Color Swatches change featured product photo to colored variant upon hover.
  • Product cross selling “Customers Also Purchased…”

Minimizing Cart Abandonment

  • Cart Preview upon hover
  • Bulk Discount Cart Upsell – One last chance to increase the total sales. 
  • “Don’t forget items in cart” reminder when a tab is left idle. 

Beautiful Designs, Powerful Results.

Great web design elevates your Brand, heightens user experience (UX) and ranks well in the SERPS. Walt’s Workwear’s new website does all three.

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– Carlton Wiley, Founder & CEO