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Take a look below at our SEO results. *Based on individual projects and technically, we cannot guarantee the same results for everyone.

Spiffy Spools

Spiffy Spool’s mission is to “Make Custom Window Treatments Affordable”. ClickGiant’s mission is to “Make Custom SEO Plans Affordable”. When you combine the two, it’s curtains for the competition. Spiffy Spools has risen from a humble Etsy store to the top of the SERPS mountain!Now #1 for: Custom Curtains Online, Custom Drapes Online & Custom Made Drapes.*


Simplefill is a prescription assistance program dedicated to making med’s affordable for their members. There’s nothing simple about SEO for drugs online but ClickGiant is dedicated to making marketing affordable to our members (clients) also & now Simplefill simply dominates the SERPS! #1 for:Medication Assistance, Prescription programs & Prescription Assistance.*


CitiBin is beautifying the urban landscape one gorgeous outdoor garbage enclosure at a time. Trash never looked this good! Either did the rankings and traffic until ClickGiant was called in. We don’t usually talk trash but we will, Organic traffic is up 205% and Citibin’s now on page 1 for: Garbage Enclosure, Trash Enclosure & Garbage Bin Storage.*


Checklist: We’d like to be #1 for “handyman services”. ClickGiant: No problem. Checklist: In New York City. ClickGiant: Ohhh. So we rolled up our sleeves, grabbed our tool bag and got to work. After just 5 months and Checklist Home Services can now be found in the top 3 spots for: Handyman Services NYC, Handyman Services New York, & Handyman NYC*

Abrams Law
abrams trial law

Son joins Father in the firm. Son recommends they get some help with the 17 year old website, its lack of rankings and responsiveness on mobile. Dad begrudgingly agrees. ClickGiant designs a new WP site and optimizes for SEO. The dynamic duo are now ranked #1 for: Criminal Defense Lawyer Dallas, DUI Attorney Dallas & Best Criminal lawyer.*

American Swing
american swing

American Swing has been around for over 20 years as a commercial playground supplier that services schools, daycare facilities, and public parks all over the country. They asked ClickGiant to help swing the rankings in their favor and now can be found in the top 3 spots for: Commercial Swing Set Parts, Playground Swing Parts & Swing Seat Replacement*

Golfers often rely on tech to elevate their game just as many brands rely on ClickGiant to elevate their online presence. PlayBetter’s organic web traffic is up 78% in just 5 months.  Nobody better yell four because PlayBetter is clearly in the top 3 for these valuable terms: Golf Simulator Cost, Golf Simulator Comparison and Garmin Fenix 5 Release.*

Tread Labs
tread labs

Tread Lab insoles help you walk better, feel better and live better. ClickGiant helps you rank better, feel better and live better too by driving more clicks, conversions and customers your way. Tread labs has now hit their stride with rankings like these: Custom Orthotics Cost,  Best Insoles for Corns and How to tell if you have High Arches.*

Victor Barbone
Victor Barbone

VB out of NYC curates one-of-a-kind, authentic, vintage and antique rings. We decided rings going for as much as $30k online deserved a quality backstory, keyword optimized, of course. ;). VB’s web traffic is up 400% due mostly to top rankings and keyword bling like Vintage Tiffany Engagement Rings, Vintage Bridal Sets and Vintage Ruby Engagement Rings.*

Maritime International Insurance
Maritime International

Maritime’s tagline is “Our passion is protecting yours”. ClickGiant’s passion is achieving incredible rankings and protecting them from the competition so that our clients enjoy a steady flow of clicks, conversions and customers. It’s easy to grin when your ship comes in. #1 for:Maritime Insurance, Boat Builders Insurance and Boatyard Insurance.*

Bits of Lace
Bits of Lace

BOL,”the bra fit specialists”, has been around since 1976 and is widely considered the authority on high-end bras and sexy lingerie. ClickGiant has been around awhile too and is widely considered the authority on content-centric SEO and sexy results. BOL can now be found at the top of page 1 for brand searches like Prima Donna Delight, Marie Jo Angelina and Empreinte Lily Rose.*

HUK Performance Fishing
HUK Performance Fishing

HUK is the hottest name in the fast growing “Performance Fishing Apparel” category. ClickGiant decided to hook fishing enthusiasts with content related to clothing and fishing tips. Huk’s organic traffic has grown 400% in the last 6 months thanks to keywords like: Performance Fishing Apparel, Comfortable Fishing Shorts, World Record Alligator Gar, Shark Fishing Tips and Bass Fishing in Summer!*

Trident General Dentistry
Trident General Dentistry

TGD has increased new patient acquisition by 200% monthly.* They have opened two new locations this year. Local businesses like Dentists must be ranked in maps and in top 3 in mobile display! We were able to put TGD there for search terms that lead directly to new patients almost immediately.  Dentist North Charleston, North Charleston Dentist Office and Dentist Office North Charleston.*

UNITS Portable Storage
Portable Storage Units

UNITS hired ClickGiant to emulate online what PODS had accomplished being 1st to market in the fastest growing segment of moving and storage. We were able to move Units to the top both Nationally and locally. Check out the success we had locally in Charleston, SC getting to the to the top of page 1 for terms like: Portable Storage Charleston SC, Mobile Storage Charleston SC & Portable Storage Containers Charleston.*

Nuvail RX
Nuvail Nail Repair

Nuvail is a prescribed treatment for Fingernail Dystrophy. I know…we didn’t know what that was either but it turns out many do because related terms are searched 5,000+ times a month on Google. Now they find Nuvail online, ask their doctor for more info and everybody wins. They are now on top of page 1 for keyword searches such as Damaged Nail Prescriptions, Dystrophic Nails Prescriptions & Nail Dystrophy.*

Teague Custom Marine
Teague Custom Boat Parts

Teague has a long history of winning on the water but they were getting lapped by the competition online. CG was tapped to tune up their Magento website and get them in the race. They are now a lean and mean SEO machine ranking on top of page one for hundreds of keywords including: Custom Marine Engines, Custom Boat PartsHigh Performance Boat Parts, Marine Engine Performance & Whipple Marine supercharger kits.*

Coastal Disability
Coastal Disability Assistance

With just about every lawyer in the state listing disability as a practice area on their website, the competition for these leads is fierce. In just 4 months, we were able to get this brand new domain and website ranked in the top 3 positions for numerous keywords such as Social Security Advocates SC, SC Social Security Advocate, Social Security Disability Advocate & SS Disability Advocate South Carolina. *

Walt’s Wholesale Clothing
Walts Work Clothes

The “workwear and uniform” market is up to 14.5 Billion annually. The “used work clothes” category is also seeing explosive growth and Walt’s wanted CG to help them explode to the top of Google for related searches. We strapped on our fire retardant coveralls and got straight to work. Walt’s now dominates the first page and are #1 for keywords such as Used Work Clothing, Used Work Clothes & Used Work Uniforms.*

South Georgia Pecan
Georgia Pecans

South Georgia Pecan is one of the world’s largest distributors of pecans but you wouldn’t have known that if you Googled “pecan company” or “pecans for sale”. They had a little online store that has now grown in sales significantly thanks to their new rankings and organic traffic! Their website now ranks in top three positions for dozens of keywords including:  Pecans for Sale, Wholesale Pecans & Pecan Gift Baskets.*

Callihan & Syracuse Law
CLS Law Firm

Personal injury leads on Google are as tough as it gets. Google Adwords is at about $100/click nationally. That’s per click, not per lead! ClickGiant has successfully placed Callihan & Syracuse in the top three positions on the first page of results for keywords such as North Charleston Auto Accident Lawyer, North Charleston Auto Wreck Attorneys and North Charleston Truck Accident Lawyer. Case Closed!*

Vintage 1946

Vintage 1946 hired CG to help them get a seat at the online dinner table currently crowded by brands like Southern Tide, Vineyard Vine, Southern Marsh, Fish Hippie and more. ClickGiant has successfully begun the introductions and they are now hoping for a dinner invite! Now ranked for terms like: Vintage Seersucker Shorts, Military Twill Pants, Reversible Shorts, Charleston Khakis & Military Chinos.*

Alder Energy
alder energy

Solar Power is the future but Alder Energy wanted SEO results in the present. It was an overcast day when Alder hired ClickGiant but luckily for them, CG is powered by cash and not the sun. In just a few short months, CG was able to power Alder to the top of page 1 for many fine search terms, such as: Solar Energy Providers South Carolina, Commercial Solar Power South Carolina Solar Panel Installation SC.*

Jantzi Test Prep
Sticky Concealed Weapon Holsters

Jantzi Test Prep is in the business of raising test scores. Clickgiant is in the business of raising visibility on Google so businesses like Jantzi Test Prep can do more business. Mom’s can now rest easy knowing there kids will have a fighting chance if they simply search on Google for these intuitive phrases: Sat Prep Charleston SC, Best Sat Tutor in Charleston and Act Prep Courses Charleston SC.*

SIB Fixed Cost Reduction
Sticky Concealed Weapon Holsters

SIB helps big companies save money through audits and negotiation. CG helps big companies make money through keyword audits and negotiation with Google via great content and SEO. We both think we’re great at what we do and it turns out…so does Google! Now SIB is ranked in top 3 spots for keywords like: Fixed Cost Reduction, Utilities Cost Reduction Audit and Waste Removal Cost Reduction.*

Scout Boats
Trident General Dentistry

Scout Boats is a world class boat builder. ClickGiant is a world class traffic builder. Put the two together and you have a website that is powered by quad 350 HP outboards. With that kind of muscle, It wasn’t long before we left the competition in our wake. Scout Boats is now omnipresent at the top of Google’s page one for terms such as: Luxury Center Console, Sportfish Center Console & Bay Boat Manufacturers.*

Shugart Homes
Shugart Home Builders

A leading North Carolina home builder for 50 years, with a website almost as old. Shugart’s homes are beautiful, functional and efficient but their website was not. It was time for ClickGiant to get to work. Shugart’s new website can now be found on Google for hundreds of searches and all 15 neighborhoods are represented well for terms like Home Builders in Gibsonville NC, Home Builders in Clemmons and New Homes Meadow Valley NC.*

Sticky Holsters
Sticky Concealed Weapon Holsters

When laws were passed making “conceal carry” legal, hords of firearm owners ran roughshod on Google looking for appropriate holsters that would fit inside pockets and waste bands comfortably. ClickGiant was hired to do the opposite of conceal Sticky Holsters online. We came out blazing and now Sticky Holsters can be found at the top of page 1 for keywords such as Pocket Holster, Best Pocket Holsters and Ankle Holsters.*

*These are individual results from our clients and we cannot guarantee the same results for everyone.