What Our Clients Say

Take a look below at what our clients say about ClickGiant and our results. *These are individual results and we cannot guarantee the same results for everyone:

“Before hiring ClickGiant, the only way to find the Scout Boats website was to type in Scout Boats. Within a few months, they increased our web traffic by 45%.* We’re now on page 1 for over 30 great search terms. I love where ClickGiant has taken our website marketing. I highly recommend them to anyone with a website.”*
– Alan Lang National Sales Manager, Scout Boats


“Three years ago we hired Clickgiant to help us with a transition to BIGCOMMERCE. The design updates and maintenance they performed was great but we were even more impressed with their ability to get our site ranked so well for so many keywords on Google. Our web traffic has increased significantly every year since we hired them and so have our sales! We highly recommend ClickGiant for all of your web needs!”*
Maike Kowal Marketing Director, Life Industries Corp.

“ClickGiant helped SIB transition to a WordPress site that is much easier to use, maintain and add onto as we expand into new markets. CG Team is a pleasure to work with!”
Dan Schneider CEO, SIB Fixed Cost Reduction

“ClickGiant gave my old website new life with a fantastic redesign, a better user experience and optimized it to rank well on the search engines. Over the last 15 months we have been very happy with the results they are able to achieve. We carry components from several top name brands and we are on page 1 for keywords related to all of them! If you want to build quality traffic and sell more online, ClickGiant is for you.”*
Chris Lacour CEO, C3 Audio

“ClickGiant handles our SEO and site maintenance in 5 markets on the East Coast. We’re very happy with the results and continue to see increases in web traffic and leads every month! They also helped us with a mobile redesign which improved usability and conversions almost right away. CG is a valued partner to SIQ!”
Theresa Aucoin Partner, SIGN IT QUICK

“​We have worked ClickGiant for a little over two years with our online marketing and couldn’t be happier with our results and return on investment! Everyone with ClickGiant is super responsive and a pleasure to work with. We have been so pleased with the experience we currently have them designing a new website and are looking forward to the launch. Thanks for all you do ClickGiant!​”
Chad Kelly Marketing Director, Palmetto Environmental Solutions

“I’ve been very impressed by the immediate results that Jantzi test prep has seen in our web rankings and traffic since hiring ClickGiant. They have done everything they promised and more!”
Tim Jantzi Founder & CEO, M.Ed

“What ClickGiant has done to our website rankings is nothing short of fantastic!! They took a site that could not be found on Google for any keywords and in a few months brought us to #1 for “dentist” in our city. We are averaging 20-22 new patients per month…and yesterday we had 9 new patients, bringing us up to 25 new patients so far in Feb and we still have half the month left! If you want people to find your website…I highly recommend ClickGiant!”*
J. Eric Layton DMD, Trident General Dentistry

“I have been working with ClickGiant for over 5 years! Jerry’s team is always quick to respond to my requests and make great suggestions for changes to my website. I have been extremely satisfied with how well my website ranks for important search terms! You will be pleased with their service.”
Vicky Connelly CEO, Coastal Therapeutics

“I have a small law firm Charleston, SC. I specialize in Family law, Divorce, Child Custody, and Adoption. Before I hired ClickGiant, our website could not be found on Google for any of those practice area searches. After only a month, we hit first page and after 3 months, we were on the top of page 1 for several terms. There’s no question that being on the top of page 1 on Google has brought me more business. I highly recommend ClickGiant!”*
Emily Ayers P.A., Ayers Family Law

“We hired ClickGiant in the fall of 2012 going into our slow season. The plan was to have them build a new website that would rank high on search engines and encourage visitors to get a quote. We were hoping the website would be positioned well by spring, when business really picks up. It happened even quicker than that! First of all, we love our site design and get good feedback all the time but even more importantly, we are ranked #1 or #2 for many of the top limo search terms! We had tried a few SEO firms in the past but the results were nothing like this. In the last 30 days (January 2013), we have seen a major increase in business over the same period last year. We are consistently receiving quality leads and we highly recommend ClickGiant to any business looking for more leads online.”*
Mike Wise Owner, Marquee Limo Co.

“As my luxury accessories company grew I knew I’d have to invest in a new eCommerce web design that functioned well and ranked high in search results. I wasn’t sure we had the budget for a professional SEO firm. With ClickGiant, I received excellent service and a great design at a very fair rate. ClickGiant is wonderful. They’re always there to answer questions and are always suggesting effective marketing techniques to help grow my business. They designed a cutting edge Shopify website, helped with things like “contact capture strategy”, “Organic SEO” and now are helping me with sponsored ads on Facebook! My companies growing and I couldn’t be happier with my new internet marketing partner!”
John Sanders Artist / CEO, Joxasa.com

“I just received an email from a woman requesting a charter and she proceeded to tell me how fantastic and informative our website is. So I just wanted to let you guys know that not only do I realize it but my customers do and we have already booked 50 trips for this coming season! Please keep up the good work because it’s working!!!”
Dan Stoll Captain, High Tide Harbor Tours