Web Design


  • Video Hero (Showcases different verticals of insurance offered). 
  • Quick CTA Floating Buttons stay with user as they navigate the site for quick and easy access to customer support.
  • Visual image buttons for Insurance Coverages.
  • Photography that sells the lifestyle of being on the water.
  • Integration with Formstack
  • Responsive throughout

Projecting the Passion

Maritime’s tagline is “Our Passion is Protecting Yours”. ClickGiant’s design tagline is “Our Passion is Projecting Yours”

How do you project passion? High-end photography, professional video, fly-over drone shots and sharp, witty, honest, concise copy that makes it clear that you have the team, experience and track record to get the job done.

Beautiful Designs, Powerful Results.

Great web design elevates your Brand, heightens user experience (UX) and ranks well in the SERPS. Maritime’s new website does all three.

You’ve seen the design, the cutting edge UX and the sharp copy, now take a look at Maritime’s live ranking dash below. Those #’s under “Rank”, indicate position not page. That’s #1 in the nation for “maritime insurance”, “commercial boat insurance”, “marine insurance company” and many more.

Are you ready for Giant results like these?

“They’re accessible and proactive. Their ideas have generated excellent results. They’re great people and easy to partner with.”

– Nick McGinty, CEO