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Build It & They Will Come

The main goal here was to showcase the client’s stunning portfolio of work and let the work captivate visitors. This website had to not only showcase great architecture and interior design, but it also had to be a living piece of art itself. Actual artist renderings of home plans were sketched specifically for the dimensions of the site and accompany the users journey through mapping out their dream home. From initial concept through finished home showcase.

A Picture Is worth a Thousand Words

Great design usually includes great photography. It’s easy to include great photography when the client does amazing work. As it turns out, we do need the written word also to get great SEO results, but we can use blogs for that!


Great web design elevates your Brand, heightens user experience (UX) and ranks well in the SERPS. Anderson’s new website does all three.

You’ve seen the design, the cutting edge UX and the sharp copy, now take a look at Anderson’s live ranking dash below.

Are you ready for Giant results?

“ClickGiant is a professional company and their services brought our website to another level! We are very happy and enjoy working with ClickGiant.”

– Duda Anderson