Google Ads

Pay-per-click advertising or (PPC) consists of sponsored links that appear above and to the right of natural search results. The most popular is Google’s product—AdWords.

One of the advantages of PPC is an immediate presence amongst searches pertaining to your business.

Some reports are saying that these ads are still receiving as much as 15% of all clicks for a search.

ClickGiant offers Google AdWords and PPC management to help tighten your targeting, control your spend and get the most value out of your campaigns.

Why Hire A Third Party?

PPC can be very expensive and fail to deliver if you don’t know what you’re doing. If your keywords are too broad, you will pay a lot for low quality clicks (or not get clicks at all!). If they are too narrow, you will be leaving money on the table. Our PPC managers can set you up with and manage a cost-effective strategy for a very profitable return on your investment.

We are experts…

Our experienced PPC managers know exactly how to target specific markets and create multiple campaigns & remarketing designs in a fashion that can help minimize the cost-per-click and deliver higher quality traffic to you. With intelligent keyword research, cutting-edge analytics and traffic analysis, our PPC team is able to help you get the most bang for your buck.


There are no long-term contracts. You only continue PPC campaigns if they are making you money. We have a one-time set-up fee of $500 that helps cover the keyword research, campaign development and ad copy. Our monthly PPC campaign management fee is 20% of total PPC spending under management, with a minimum monthly fee of $150. Please contact us today to speak with one of our account managers, and request a free evaluation.

  • TERM: There is no term. You can quit the campaign whenever you would like.

What Is A Google Partner?

ClickGiant is proud to be a Google Partner. Our team members are certified Google specialists, so you know you can rely on us when helping to manage your AdWords accounts. Here’s what our Google Partner status means for you:

Work With Certified Analysts & Account Managers

ClickGiant team members have all passed Google AdWords certifications, and we refresh these certifications on an annual basis.

Have Experts On Your Side

As Google Partners, we are knowledgeable of all the features available in AdWords to help improve your accounts. From the use of negative keywords, ad extensions, split testing and more, we’re ready to tighten up your strategy and help ensure you have all the right bells and whistles.

Get Early Access To Beta Features

Because of our Google Partner status, we have early access to Google’s beta features. Gain an advantage over your competition with access to exclusive marketing features up to a year before everyone else!

Get Help Before The Rest

Google has a team of support representatives to help when issues arise. Google Partners have VIP access to support with a dedicated Google Agency Team. That means if an issue arises, you won’t have to wait in line. Working with a Google Partner can mean the difference between getting help immediately vs a matter of days—which is crucial when your business’s budget and success is on the line.

Follow Ever-Changing PPC Best Practices

In order to remain a Google Partner, our PPC agency has to retake Google certification exams each year. This includes exams in AdWords Fundamentals, Search, Display, Shopping, Video and Mobile Advertising. You can rest assured that we’re following the latest best practices.

Accountability You Can Rely On

Beyond exams, we are required to show that we are following best practices. Some ways we might do this include split testing ads, experimenting with various demographic targets, and more.

Big Clients. Giant Results.

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