Web Development Services


Does your site need an upgrade before it becomes the lead-generating machine you want it to be? At ClickGiant, we work to design websites that rank well online and increase your traffic. We also work to optimize UX so that your site design can result in more leads for your business. Whether your end goal is getting a visitor to fill out a reservation or contact form, call your office or share your site with friends and colleagues, our web development services help you take advantage of every opportunity to engage prospects and clients.


If you’re not especially proud of your website, how can you expect your visitors to be impressed? An aesthetically sharp, interactive web design portrays your company as professional and in-tune with the current online business environment. A well-designed site also conveys quality and attention to detail—valuable traits for small businesses in any industry.

At ClickGiant, we combine cutting-edge web layouts, graphics, color schemes and typography to design you a site that both you and your audience will love.

Functional Website & Navigation

How many times have you left a website after becoming frustrated with the lack of cohesion or order on the page? Your target audience is equally as disenchanted with messy website navigation. With ClickGiant web design services, you can get a site that affords users easy navigation and enables them to find what they’re looking for—before they get frustrated and go to a competitor’s site.

Information That Matters

The way your site looks is only one of myriad factors that can affect your online marketing success. Your site should sell your business and your value proposition. What do you do? What is your business good at? These are the questions that we seek to address. We provide expert content marketing services to help you take advantage of every opportunity to communicate what you do and why visitors should choose to do business with your company.

Websites That Get Leads

It’s important that your website looks great, but it’s more important that it’s clear to visitors what you want them to do. At ClickGiant, our marketing services are centered on getting you leads. We work to build websites that convert traffic to leads.


The benefits of choosing ClickGiant for your web design services extend beyond the initial site design and construction. We also administer and manage your site to help ensure that it’s up-to-date, secure and equipped with the newest features and technology. Want social media functionality that links your site to your business’s Facebook and Twitter pages? Need to add new content or photos to your site? Our firm handles the technical side of the web so you don’t have to.

Web management services enable you to focus on growing your business while our Internet marketing professionals help you improve your website.