Top SEO Firm in SC

We are very excited to announce that ClickGiant has been recognized as the top South Carolina SEO Firm! This is a huge achievement as 35 firms were judged on detailed client interviews, ratings, and in-depth industry research. We would like to personally thank everyone at and our team here at ClickGiant for all of their hard work and dedication to our clients.

Clutch analysts weighed a number of different characteristics in order to fully evaluate the South Carolina SEO agencies. This included a heavy focus on the digital services offered, results achieved. Client interviews, previous experience, and marketplace presence also played a large role in Clutch’s evaluation.

“The leading agencies and South Carolina SEO companies we’ve identified have proven their value in the market by being able to deliver on many crucial aspects of Internet marketing, ultimately transforming a company’s presence online,” said Michael Block, Analyst at Clutch.

ClickGiant would like to thank all of their incredible clients for their support! Here’s to (hopefully) many more awards to come and successful SEO campaigns in 2018!