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What Does an SEO Company Do?

How many times did you Google something today? We’re all familiar with search engines, using them to find anything from the nearest shrimp tacos to the most high-tech niche software on the market. But are you as familiar with search engine optimization (SEO)? Sure, that probably makes some sense—the goal of SEO is to get your product, company, or service ranked as high as possible in search results so you can increase organic traffic and conversions. Most people understand the basic concept. But how is that actually done, and what does an SEO company do to make that happen?
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Clutch Names ClickGiant Charleston’s #1 Digital Marketer

We take a Google-friendly approach when developing campaigns for clients. Our focus is on creating content that will help you rank higher in their search results. When people need something, Google is where they start. In a similar manner, if you want a custom SEO campaign, start with ClickGiant. Even Clutch agrees––we sit at the top of their list of digital marketing companies in Charleston. Based out of Washington, D.C., Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews platform. Their mission is to connect companies to the service providers that will best help them achieve their project goals. Clutch segments the service providers according to industry and location. Two scores are assigned to each business on the site. The first is called Focus and is based on the services each offers. The second is called Ability to Deliver and takes a few factors into account. Included are work experience, market presence, and client reviews, the last of which carry the most weight. Clutch analysts verify each review by interviewing past clients over the phone or online with in-depth questionnaires. The interviews help capture the full scope of the vendor’s role in each project. Because we always put client satisfaction first, we have a 5-star overall rating on Clutch. Here is what some of our valued clients had to say about us: “They were very responsive, collaborative, and fun to work with overall. We'd often go to their offices and play ping pong with their staff.” – Vice President of Marketing, Sunglasses E-Commerce Site “I’m most impressed by the quality of their research. They put a lot of effort into content creation, and it shows in the deeply thoughtful content they provide for our website.” – Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Wire Manufacturer “ClickGiant helped dramatically increase our organic traffic year over year by upwards of 90–100%.” – Owner, Health Company Clutch also runs two additional sites. The Manifest considers us one of the top SEO experts while publishing business news and industry insights to help make companies more successful. Their second is a portfolio site called Visual Objects. It lets digital marketing agencies show off the kind of work they can deliver to potential clients. We are excited to keep growing our presence on Clutch and meeting new clients with their help!  
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ClickGiant Makes The Clutch 1000 List!

Clutch evaluates B2B companies with a proprietary research methodology. Every month, they feature the top performing firms on the site, which is largely the result of client feedback. ClickGiant is currently ranked 11th out of 12,047 SEO firms listed. However, each year culminates in their biggest award – the Global 2018 Leader Awards, aka the Clutch 1000. These are the top performing companies across the platform worldwide for 5 main categories and ClickGiant is thrilled to have been selected! The Clutch 1000 are the top one thousand companies on the site with highest Ability to Deliver. This credential is reserved for companies who have gone above and beyond for their clients. Companies with this honor don’t deliver cookie cutter results. They build experiences and lasting relationships. At ClickGiant, we’re in a highly technical field. PPC and SEO are constantly evolving, and require a vigilant and detailed eye. Our team lives up to this standard, but we also look at every account holistically. SEO isn’t effective without useful content, and it doesn’t matter if you have good content if your website isn’t built properly. We appreciate the time that our clients take to provide these reviews on Clutch because we’re of the opinion that there is no better way to judge a marketing firm than by looking at their current work and results. “ClickGiant sends us all of their content before they post it to our website, and it’s clear that they’re consistently researching our industry and our products. Their work directly addresses our customers’ needs, providing relevant information and details.” - Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Vulcan Wire


 “ClickGiant helped dramatically increase our organic traffic year over year by upwards of 90–100%.” - Owner, Tread Labs  Thank you to Clutch and our clients for your continued support. We value our partnerships, and look forward to building many more in 2019. On the significance of this award, ClickGiant CEO had this to say: "Since the inception of ClickGiant, we've always been transparent with results so that prospects could see clearly, how we help businesses. Clutch's ability to personally interview businesses on their experience with a specific marketing firm is such a perfect fit for us and a huge value to any business looking to find a partner." Check out our SEO Results page to see what we’re up to and contact us today if you’re interested in truly growing your presence online the right way.        
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Top Honors for ClickGiant!

At ClickGiant, our focus revolves entirely around getting our clients more clicks, conversions and customers. Our content-centric, clients-first approach to doing business has made us one of the top digital marketing companies in Charleston with Clutch and its sister site, The Manifest, ranking ClickGiant as high as 3rd in our field thanks to our customer relationships and proven results. We are extremely proud of the quality work that we provide to all of our customers, big and small, so we appreciate being recognized by Clutch and The Manifest. Clutch uses an extensive methodology that takes into account different aspects of our operations, like market presence, demonstrated industry experience, customer satisfaction, client reviews, and more, meaning that this award is backed up by sound data analysis. In more than a dozen reviews left on our Clutch profile, previous customers of ours raved about the effectiveness of our campaigns, tangible results, how much they enjoyed their collaborations with our team members, and the overall responsiveness, professionalism, and excellence of our company. ClickGiant greatly values the positive feedback from our clients and knowing that they have appreciated and benefitted from their partnership with us as much as we have. “With their strategic campaigns, we’ve seen significant increases in our search term rankings. Currently, we appear within the top results for many keywords and can compete with larger companies for common categories,” praised one client. “With regards to our general experience, ClickGiant provides terrific service. We fully trust their CEO because he does his job and is willing to go above and beyond for his client.” “From the beginning, their team has been easy to work with. Their communication is fantastic and makes our life easier,” touted a second client. “They’ve produced amazing results without over promising. Our web traffic has increased year after year, with 2017 being our best year. Thanks to ClickGiant, our branding is congruent across all platforms and has been well received by both our customers and staff.” “Project management was smooth and seamless. Even when I fell behind with sending ClickGiant information they needed, they kept the project progressing. ClickGiant has a phenomenal level of market knowledge and excellent communication skills,” summarized yet another client. “I was very happy with the whole process. ClickGiant made what I thought would be a labor-intensive project almost seem easy!” If you’re interested in bringing our SEO knowledge to to the table for your company, we urge you to reach out and connect with us. We would love to provide more details on how we’ll help your company land more clicks, conversions and customers. We’d like to thank Clutch and our clients for all of their support and acknowledgments of our performance!  
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How To Optimize Images For Web

Optimizing your images appropriately for use on the web can help to improve page speed and UX. It can also help to improve your organic rankings. Here's a quick guide on how to optimize images for web to help you get started.
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Content Marketing Podcast – Silicon Harbor Magazine

[audio mp3=""][/audio] - Rich: Can you start by telling listeners a little about Clickgiant; the services you provide and who your users and customers are? Jerry: Sure, I started ClickGiant about 8 years ago to help companies get more clicks, conversions and customers online. We focus on content-driven Organic SEO, PPC Management, Web Design & Review building. We have a great review builder tool I’d like to give away for free to one lucky listener and we’ll talk more about that at the end of the podcast. Our clients usually fall into a few categories like “Local Service based” Dentists, Lawyers, Insurance Agents, Restaurants, Roofers, Limo companies, who are looking for more leads online like phone calls and contact forms,  E-commerce clients who are selling product online like engagement rings for Victor Barbone, Apparel for brands like Bits of Lace, Berle, Vintage 1946 and HUK Gear. And we do branding and awareness for clients like Scout Boats. Rich: How did Clickgiant get its start and what were some of the key lessons you learned as you were bringing the service to market & how has the venture evolved since the early days? Jerry: I did new business development for a traditional ad agency who like all of them back then specialized in print, radio and billboards and more and more prospects were telling me they wanted web design, PPC management and “Organic SEO” —So, the writing was on the wall and  back then I was young enough to want to jump in and learn it all. It really was exciting learning about “search based marketing”! Until search came a long, all other mediums had the same thing in common; you paid a lot of money to talk to a lot of people who may or may not be interested in your product. Now you have the person actually typing in what they want to buy and the top 3 results are going to divvy up like 75% of those sales. So, I cut my teeth by managing AdWords campaigns. I was blown away that I could drive quality leads to clients, sometimes for as low as .30 cents per click! Then, with organic SEO, I realized I could move websites to the top of the natural listings and get my clients leads at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. And so, ClickGiant was born. One of the ways we’ve had to evolve is with reporting. Clients are much more informed now and want to see real results backed up by data. It used to be “Yes, you’re still #1 for “divorce lawyer Charleston” get off my back. Now it’s “What are my top 20 “Traffic driving” keywords and is my conversion rate of 5% on remarketing ads typical for the industry? What would my impression share go to if I increased my Adwords budget by 15%? So a lot’s changed and all for the better. Rich: Over that same time span, content marketing, social media and especially SEO have evolved quite a bit; can you walk listeners through that evolution? Jerry:  ahhhh, “The good ‘ol days of changing title tags, buying some links and shooting to the top”. Back then, there was such demand and it took such little effort, I seriously thought I might be a millionaire by 2018. But of course everyone else caught up with on-page SEO techniques and Google tuned up their algorithm so that strategies like keyword stuffing, buying backlinks and exact match domains lost their value. The Panda update was a real eye opener for a company that was 99% SEO. Overnight, a large percentage of optimized sites dropped in the rankings significantly. Luckily, only about a third of our clients were affected because we never overdid the backlinking thing but still, it was when I decided we had to diversify a little and offer some additional services to protect ourselves in the future. And we’ve done that with design, content, PPC management and conversion optimization. We still have the kind of success we had back then but it comes with much more work and much smaller margins. Most of that work is in crafting 100% unique, high quality and conversion worthy content. Rich:  Can you share some of the success stories that Clickgiant has helped its customers write; what problems they were trying to solve, how Clickgiant went about solving that problem, and the results and outcomes your efforts drove for them? Jerry:  Yeah, I’d love to share a few stories. As I said earlier, we’re a content driven SEO firm and I just want to dive a little deeper into that to help setup these case studies. So, why content? Because as we just discussed, changing title tags and buying spammy links no longer works!  If it did, we’d still be doing it. Other than having a ton of high quality backlinks, traffic is the best thing a site can have when they want more traffic. I know, it sounds like a catch 22 but through the magic of SEO and longtail keywords, it can be done. I promise you. The most important thing to remember is that Google’s objective is to remain the top search engine in the universe so that they can continue to sell their ads for Trillions of dollars. They want to provide a user with the best possible results so they’ll get the info they need, be happy and continue using Google. Google knows when they’re “happy” through usage metrics like a low bounce rate, multiple pages per session, longer dwell times and so on.  When this happens, Google gets happy and raises your domain authority, allowing you to rank for even more keywords, get more traffic and the beautiful cycle continues like a snowball rolling downhill. So, think less about what Google wants and more about what your users want from the content. So how do you learn what your users want? First we do some Keyword Research – where we’ll look for “lower-competition” “longtail” keywords to target. We’ll Evaluate the Content Tilt  to make sure the idea fits the brand’s content strategy. We’ll Analyse Existing Content to see if we can we improve on what already exists? We’ll decide on Placement – Will it go on a top level page, category page, sub-category page, Blog? We’ll actively Track Keywords & Rankings to monitor progress and finally we’ll analyze the results in terms of traffic, leads, downloads or sales and report to the client.  So let’s get into some fun real world examples of this.  Nectar Sunglasses  - If you’re from Charleston, you’ve probably heard of them. They sell sunglasses online.  Nectar is all about living the sweet life and doing epic things, so snowboarding was definitely a good fit. In our keyword research we discovered the competition was a little high for the top term “snowboarding sunglasses”, so, we went a little longer tail and decided on “best snowboarding sunglasses”. Remember, we’re looking for a foothold in the rankings so we can build more traffic. Getting stuck at #11 for the top term doesn’t do anyone any good. If we had to start with “the best pink sunglasses for snowboarding” we’d do it. We decided on a blog post that would feature 10 styles of Nectar sunglasses that would pair well with the downhill, daredevil lifestyle. It was all about highlighting the features and benefits in a light, humorous way. Polarized/UV Protective Lenses = Clear vision on the slopes while reducing harmful rays. Thermoplastic memory frames = Flexible and durable which….can be important during a faceplant. After a few short weeks we were #1 for our main keyword phrase “best snowboarding sunglasses”—but wait, it gets better. Like a snowball rolling downhill, this piece gathered clicks, visits, shares, and before long it was an avalanche of rankings and visits and it now ranks for almost anything  related to “snowboarding and sunglasses” including the top term “snowboarding sunglasses”. The snowboarding blog is currently responsible for 4 of Nectar’s top 7 overall rankings by position. Instead of waiting and hoping that snowboarders would discover the benefits of Nectar Sunglasses and tell the world, we told the world (and Google) that Nectar offers the best sunglasses for snowboarders and they listened.  The next project I want to talk about is for  Victor Barbone, who sells vintage engagement rings online that can cost as much as $30k a pop. We felt that was reason enough to go a bit deeper with the content than a simple product description. So during our research we learned that Aristotle claimed that merely possessing an emerald endowed the owner with a commanding presence guaranteeing victory in all manner of trials? I’m not sure if Aristotle was aware that possessing a top ranking for “emerald engagement rings” guarantees a lot of traffic but it does…being searched 27,000 times a month! Thanks to Aristotle and keyword research we discovered a way to write about all of the different stones when we found that “stone meanings” was searched a ton. We wanted to go a little longer tail of course, so, “ring stone meanings” had decent search traffic with much less competition than keywords related to diamonds. Still, with 645,000 results for that phrase, we understood that this content needed to be a “cut above” a typical blog, so, we gave it a home in the “shop by stone” section of the website. It took a month or so but we got all the way to #1 for “ring stone meanings” but that’s not all. Victor Barbone is now ranking on page 1 for over 50 terms related to “ring stone meanings” and even more importantly the content on each specific stone and the additional traffic has pushed a lot of the higher tier keywords up the ladder. Terms like “vintage emerald engagement rings” 1600 searches/month,   “vintage diamond engagement rings” 2400 searches/month and more. This one piece of content delivered 2,624 visits in 2017. On top of that, Victor Barbone saw an organic traffic increase of 400% over the previous year. We won’t take all of the credit, but this growth is in part thanks to carefully targeted content pieces like this. The last project I want to cover is  Scout Boats  - We ‘ve been handling Scout’s content & SEO for about 8 years now. There was an article in the newspaper recently detailing their $11 million expansion project expected to create hundreds of new jobs and provide a space to manufacture their new 53’ LXF. Even though we’re just a small part of their success story, it’s extremely satisfying to see a client do so well. Sales cycles vary from industry to industry. When you’re talking about a $100,000 recreational vehicle that isn’t exactly a necessity, it can consist of a few years and a lot of research online. The goal is to get in front of these dreamers as early as possible so that when they are ready to buy, Scout is high on their list.  Keyword Research – For this piece, we decided on “dual console vs center console boats” and 40 searches a month might sound low but what if you ended up ranking for dozens of related keywords such as: “dual console boats”, “best dual console boats”, “dual console fishing boats”, etc. Any SEO content marketing agency worth its saltwater knows that a great piece of content isn’t designed to rank well for only one keyword. It’s designed to rank well for dozens of valuable keywords! This blog was designed for first time boat shoppers, helping them to break down the family vs. fishing paradigm. The idea was to connect with potential buyers earlier in the funnel by addressing questions that come up in the research phase of boat shopping. In an effort to keep these visitors on the site longer, we also pushed them toward a fun “Build Your Scout” page and many obliged. Of course we got the #1 ranking for “dual console vs center console boats” but Scout is also now on Page 1 for: “best dual console boat”, “dual console boat”, “dual console boat reviews” and many more. This blog was responsible for 2,099 visits in 2017. On top of that, the client saw an 18% increase in organic traffic to their site over the previous year.  And we’ve been at that clip for about 7 or 8 years, so, no small feat to continually increase traffic by almost 20% each year. So, there you have it; 3 fun real life examples of content driven SEO at work. Rich:  As we mentioned earlier, Clickgiant was launched in 2008, that time span roughly coincides with the early stages of the growth in the tech and entrepreneur communities here in Charleston, as an entrepreneur that’s built a venture right in the midst of this growth period, what’s your perspective on what it has meant to the city? Jerry:  It doesn’t surprise me at all that the tech community is growing rapidly right along with the city itself. I moved here 23 years ago, and loved Charleston from the beginning. Back then your friends would visit and all say the same thing “I’m moving here asap”. When you asked them what the hold-up was a few months later, you’d get the same exact response “have you seen the employment section in the paper?” There were no jobs! That’s changed significantly and it’s great to have more companies we can help with marketing and a larger talent pool to hire from. But with all of that comes more cars! I hope one of these new tech companies’ figures out how to beam us to work because the traffic’s getting really bad. Rich:  Where do you think we go from here as a business community? Jerry: Skies the limit, recruiting to Chas has never been a problem so with all of these companies choosing to be here, I think even more will come. It’s like that snowball effect I talked about right? Rich:  Where can listeners go to learn more about Clickgiant and especially about the case studies that you mentioned? Jerry:  They can visit to see all kinds of case studies and as I mentioned at the beginning, we have this great review builder tool which is helping our clients leave their competition in the dust! Reviews have become a significant factor in local rankings. It goes for $99/month but I’d like to give one away for free for the 1st listener that leaves us a review on Google+ and cut the price in half for all others!! Just leave us a nice review about the podcast and email us that you are interested in the review tool and we’ll do it for $49/month. You can reach me at [email protected] And remember, just as Aristotle suggested that mere possession of an Emerald guarantees victory in all manner of trials, ClickGiant suggests working with them will guarantee victory in all manners of marketing!
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SEO Content Marketing Services

ClickGiant is a digital marketing agency most known for SEO. But what exactly does that mean these days? It means that we produce great content first and foremost—that also happens to rank extremely well. Through powerful content marketing campaigns, we have achieved giant results for our clients. We always love to share our results with the marketing world (and OK, maybe show off a bit while we're at it). Take a look at what we've been able to achieve, and learn how you can get similar results.
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Content Marketing for Small Business – Digital Strategies

Whether you have an established online presence or have just published your first website, you can always achieve more online. Opportunities to increase traffic, drive high value leads and ultimately convert are virtually endless. So how can you access the bounty of the web without breaking the bank? The answer is content marketing. And the proof is this very article—after all, if you’re reading this, then our marketing efforts are paying off! You can do it too. To help you become a GIANT online, here is the definitive guide to digital content marketing for small business.

Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization Services [Guide]

More and more businesses are realizing the benefits of incorporating a solid SEO plan into their marketing strategies. For ecommerce companies, SEO is absolutely essential—especially if the company’s sales are online only. Even companies who are operating brick and mortar stores or pounding the pavement at conferences and tradeshows could see tremendous jumps in revenue through ecommerce search engine optimization services. While there are endless strategies and techniques, here’s a quick guide to ecommerce SEO best practices.

Local SEO for Small Business: Google My Business Tips

In our last post in this series, we discussed the Google Knowledge Panel and how it can positively affect a small business’s SEO. Now that you know a little more about the current architecture of Google Search results and how Google uses Knowledge Panels to optimize the user search experience, let’s discuss a tool that plays a part in generating the Knowledge Panel: Google My Business.
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SEO vs Content Marketing: What’s the Difference?

What’s the difference between SEO and content marketing, and which is right for your business? Before we get carried away and make you think we’re some kind of tease, we’ll just put it out there. It’s a trick question. In today’s digital marketing landscape, where black hat SEO strategies have fallen by the wayside, there is no room to think of SEO vs content marketing. Instead, these are two faces of the same coin.

The SEO Ocean (Part 4): On-Page SEO Elements

How are users and search engines going to start seeing your unique content? In today's post, we'll discuss how on-page SEO elements help provide users and search engines an understanding of your content's focus and its relevancy.
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Best SEO Company East Of The Mississippi

Big deal you say?  As you will glean from the map below my friend, there are no less than 26 States East of the Mississippi river!! That is almost half the damn states we have! True story, plus, they are the more competitive states when it comes to SEO, am I right? Who wants to rank #1 for “North Dakota SEO” or “Digital Media in Montana”? Okay, they’ve got California, home of everything organic including SEO, but we’ll gladly give up California for NY, NJ and CT, known as the Tri-State area with its 20 million plus population. Most of whom finished high school and can perform a Google search! Sure Cali has numbers too but much of their population doesn’t even Google in English for cripes sake. No, we’re just fine with “Best SEO Company East of the Mississippi“! Maybe one day when the search numbers are on the rise for “tumble weed’ or “potato farmers”, we’ll be forced to expand our SEO borders. But as long as the majority of people are searching for ‘personal injury lawyers’, ‘plumbers’ and ‘prostitutes’, the East is the place to be. If your company is located in one of the 26 States East of the Mississippi and needs SEO help to gain quality leads online, we are the company to hire! Except of course if you’re in Alabama. Nothing but College football searches and it’s very hard to rank higher than the University of Alabama for “Roll Tide”. Everyone else, please get in touch for a free website evaluation. Charleston SEO Firm  –  843-452-1474  – [email protected] “Beast of the East when it comes to SEO”
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10 Ways Brands Benefit from Social Media Marketing

A large portion of Content Marketing is promoting your brand to increase traffic. New digital developments and technologies have made the generation of Millennials harder to reach; unless you are meeting them where they are. TV commercials, billboard ads, and radio skits just aren’t going to cut it anymore. When your target audience is a generation that is always plugged in, your brand needs to adopt digital marketing strategies that will get you in front of your audience. The following are the top 10 reasons why your brand will benefit from social media marketing.
  1. Brand Awareness

    Every opportunity you have to increase your brand’s visibility to your audience is valuable. Social media channels are another opportunity to share your brand’s voice, message, and content. While social media allows you to promote your brand, it also increases your visibility to new, potential consumers. For example, a new consumer may never have heard of your brand until they noticed a piece of content that was shared by one of their friends on social media. This strategy increases your opportunities to reach an audience that may not even know you exist.
  1. Improve Brand Loyalty

    Statistics show that a consumer that has the ability to engage with a brand is more loyal than brands that do not engage with their audiences. Sharing a conversation with a brand that you love is a memorable experience for a consumer, and increases the chances that they will continue to offer you their business in the future.
  1. Opportunities to Increase Sales

    Every post, tweet, pin, or image is another opportunity for your brand to increase your sales. As you build a following on social media, you have access to new and old customers, as well as an opportunity to interact with them. Every piece of content you share is another opportunity for your audience to click back to your site, and potentially make a purchase. And as your content gets shared and liked among your followers, you also become more visible to a broader audience through your own already established audience. The potential to grow and build your social media presence is never ending. social-media-marketing-1
  1. Higher Conversion Rates

    As stated above, using social media marketing strategies give your brand more opportunities to reach a larger audience. As your audience grows, your chances of converting your followers into customers also increase. Studies show that as your brand’s following increases, and consumer have more loyalty, then your conversion rate should also increase.
  1. Increase Brand Authority

    As you engage with you audience, you will get more followers talking, sharing, and interacting with your brand and your content. As this information is shared, you are also increasing your authority as a unique and valuable company that people trust. Also, as more traffic and volume starts to circulate around your social media profiles, your audience will rapidly start to increase. Consumers trust the word of their peers, so as your loyalty builds, so will your audience as more consumers begin to respect your brand and your message.
  1. Increase Inbound Traffic

    Social media is a user-friendly strategy to promote your brand. Every social profile and platform is another opportunity for consumers to interact, engage, and send traffic back to your website. The more high-quality content you post on your social media channels, the more inbound traffic you will see going directly back to your website. Overall, more traffic equals more leads and conversions, and ultimately more sales for your company. screen-shot-2015-09-18-at-4-17-23-pm-e1442607509869
  1. Lower Marketing Costs

    Although advertising on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest is not cheap, it is not as expensive as other methods of advertising, such as TV commercials or radio ads. Even if you are not interested in advertising on social media, it is still a valuable tool to use just to be able to engage with your audience. Social media is a free tool for brands and users to post content that is interesting, relevant, and valuable.
  1. Increase SEO Rankings

    Outdated SEO strategies do not credit social media for its influence on organic traffic and search engine rankings. Simply optimizing title tags, web content, and meta descriptions is no longer enough to secure your top ranking positions on Google, Bing, or Yahoo. As we stated above, social media increases your brand’s authority with your audience, but it doubles as increasing your brand’s authority for the search engines. Being active on social media acts as a signal to search engines that your brand is active, interesting, and relevant to users. It is almost mandatory in the digital age to participate on social media if your goal is to rank well for a specific set of keywords. Without social media, you could be hurting your SEO rankings, which leads to a decrease in sales, traffic, and conversions.
  1. Improve Consumer Experiences

    The number one goal of social media is to decrease the gap between consumers and businesses. If a consumer gives your brand or product a poor review on social media, then you have the option to immediately address and rectify their experience. Enriching a customer’s experience is another way to establish brand loyalty among your consumers. When they have a good experience and a positive interaction with you, they will spread the word to their friends and share their experiences with others. The more positive experiences surrounding your brand will have a direct impact on your credibility as a brand that people care about and will continue to interact with in the future.
  1. Consumer Insights

    Most social media channels provide its own analytics that will provide insights on who your audience is, what is trending, and what is catching their attention. These types of interests are valuable for marketing purposes, and it saves you time and money by not having to research to find out who your target audience is and how to reach them. social-media-marketing-3
  These are just some of the benefits that social media offers for your brand. If you still think that your company or your industry wouldn’t apply in the realm of social media, just remember that your competition is already ahead of you. They are the ones who are building their following, increasing their traffic, and creating more conversions. The sooner you begin building relationships with your audience, the sooner you will begin to reap the benefits of social media marketing and increasing your brand’s reputation among your consumers. The days are gone of when businesses can blend into the background. The digital age has spawned the idea that people do business with people. Your consumers want to know your values, your interests, and want to know who you are behind your brand. Creating interesting content and sharing it among the masses is the way to stand out from your competition. Now get out there, be social, and start making a name for yourself across the various social media platforms.
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Complement Your Content with Images

All the content that is out there on the web increases daily, and the challenge to grab an audience’s attention also increases with it. So how, as content marketers, can we compete against the digital content crowd and get noticed?
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Why Being A Brand Ambassador is Awesome

I’m about to geek out on you guys and give a quick spiel on why it is personally rewarding to be a brand ambassador. Seriously, each company I work with changes my life. . . Say what? Cue my celebratory speech:
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The Importance of Headlines

Headlines are the single most important factor when creating great content. Why? Because headlines determine whether or not your target audience is going to read your article.
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Are Sliders Bad?

Not those sliders! Website Sliders. We’ve all seen them. If you are a designer, more than likely you have used them; probably more than a few times. Clients love them.
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Creating Unique Content

Creating unique and valuable content can be more difficult than it sounds. Starting off, you could be full of ideas and your creative process could be kicked in high gear; however,
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Increase Email Open Rate

You’ve reached the point where you know (basically) everything about the person, place, company, etc. that you’re marketing to. You’ve built up a thorough list
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5 Ways Content Creates Cash

As strategic marketers, we know how critical content is when developing a plan to meet our goals. It’s at the core of everything we do, from advertising, to social media, and generating traffic
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Good Link? Determining Authority

 You absolutely do not want your website listed on a random directory with a million other links. That's just spammy. We don't like spammy and certainly don't want to be associated with all that