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WordPress Nation

Nearly half of all websites online are WordPress. SIB was ready to join the club, but why?

Scalability. SIB is constantly adding industries and categories to their list of service areas. Now they can easily add content, case studies and blogs when needed.
CMS. SIB is at 60 employees and growing fast. They needed the ability to add multiple users with different levels of access. WordPress gives them just that.
SEO. Plugins allow user-friendly meta updates for any page instantly.

Service Page SEO

A key to effective organic SEO is building out content areas for topics and keywords you’d like to rank well for. Essentially, good SEO design caters to both search engines and human visitors simultaneously. Want Google to believe you should rank for “waste removal cost reduction”? Build the page and add quality content. Want visitors to believe you have those capabilities? Build the page and add the content to prove it. Want to make that easy? Work with ClickGiant.

Service Page Payoff

Our work to build out quality service page content across a range of industries is paying off. From waste removal and shipping to utilities and maintenance, when a company searches for ways to reduce expenses, SIB is Google’s answer. Convince Google, convince the visitor, win the account. Click. Bang. Boom.

Local SEO

Even if you’re marketing your brand on a national or global scale, if you have an actual location, the strategy starts there. This is especially for true for new brands. Local SEO is the bedrock of many digital marketing campaigns. A noble SEO strategy from tender roots has sprung.

Remarketing – Right Place. Right Time.

With a well optimized Google Remarketing campaign, you don’t have to worry about ad placement. You decide who to follow and where to display dynamically. Want to follow people who have converted in the past with a specific message? Want to display only on financial sites? Done. The more you fine tune your message and placement list, the lower your cost per conversion. The more ClickGiant fine tunes your marketing plan, the more your revenue goes up.

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