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Build It And They Will Come

If only it were that easy. A rebrand, new logo, 50th anniversary promotion, 23 communities, 51 floor-plans, single family homes, town-homes, quick move-ins, new phases, buyer incentives, realtor rewards, open houses. You get the picture. All of these entities needed a home, and they needed to be accessible without distracting or confusing the user. Why? Because the real goal is to help the user find their dream home. Their dream “Shugart Home.” Through research, client knowledge and data obtained via analytics, we were able to map out the three most important segments of the Shugart experience and make them work harmoniously together.

UX Mobile Design – A Tap or Two.

With 40 percent of Shugart’s traffic now coming from smart phones, UX on mobile devices was numero uno! The site needed to look good and perform well on any device. Real people are driving around in real cars looking for real homes to buy… with real money in their wallets! Shugart communities needed to be easy to explore, easy to fall in love with and easy to find in the real world. All in a tap or two!

Get In My Belly

Once you have a website that’s ready to convert, you have to feed it. We feed Shugart’s website by dominating the top of page one for terms like “new single family homes gibsonville”. Shugart is now ranked on page one for over 100 keywords related to new home construction in the Triad region of North Carolina.

Are You Following Me?

There are short sales cycles and there are long sales cycles. A home purchase maybe one of the longest sales cycles in existence. That means that a first time visitor to Shugart’s website is probably not going to purchase a house online right then and there. That’s where Google remarketing comes in. CG designed a bevy of ads that will follow website visitors for up to 180 days! Our ads convinced over 10% of visitors to return to the site, which is pretty cool right? The real cool part is those visits converted 140% more often than first timers.

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