Falling Leaf Card Co.

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Hand Painted Greeting Cards

Falling Leaf Card Co.’s unique greeting cards are a testament to the beauty surrounding us every day. ClickGiant’s unique style of high-level content and thorough on-page SEO techniques are a testament to great Internet Marketing. We had an amazing design and a smooth user experience, now all we had to do was tell the world about these beautiful cards.

Shopify SEO Strategy

With 12 categories of holiday greeting cards, 14 categories of blank cards and hundreds of individual cards to choose from, it was time for some spreadsheets. We began by researching and gathering a clear picture of current keyword positions, top landing pages and website traffic flow. Next, we created a clear layout of keywords we would add to the mix to build overall site traffic while improving checkout conversion rate.

Mobile Visits On The Rise

As we’re seeing across all clients’ websites, Falling Leaf’s percentage of mobile visits are increasing rapidly. In addition to implementing SEO correctly, we had to ensure that the layout, design and user experience were all optimized for mobile through this Shopify theme.

Don’t Forget Us!

You know she loves butterflies. What are you waiting for? Mother’s day only comes around once a year, don’t miss this opportunity to put a smile on her face. Or something like that. You get the idea. Our ads follow prospects until they do the right thing. And they ain’t gonna stop until they do. Capiche?


Organic Website Traffic Up 600%

Giant increase in traffic right? Well, the company and website are brand new, so the percentage of new traffic will look gaudy for a little while. However, we’re doing everything in our power to keep the increase at that level! There are millions of searches related to “cards online.” We’re just scratching the surface of what’s possible. The opportunities are vast. Ready for giant growth with your site?

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