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Pavilions, Pergolas, Gazebos

American Landscape’s structures keep the bugs off your feet and the sun out of your eyes, protecting you from the occasional rain shower while you catch up with a cocktail near the frog pond. Our goal was clear. We had to design a site that would celebrate the great American tradition of enjoying the outdoors while showcasing this incredible line of structures.

Backyard Oasis

$20k is a lot of money for a gazebo right? But we’re not selling a gazebo. We’re selling family reunions, winding down after a long day with a rum cocktail, a candlelit toast to 20 years of marriage. Who cares that their yard looks nothing like the yards we profile? This pavilion will be a heck of start.

Cocktails & Dreams

Even though mobile search is through the roof and more people buy online every day, a yard structure with a five figure price tag is still a tough one to sell with just one site visit. So what do you do? We made it easy to get in touch, request a catalog, sign up for news, etc. Then, we stayed in front of visitors with a comprehensive campaign of remarketing ads, brochures, catalogs, email blasts, mind melding, smoke signals… you get the point.

Get in touch today for full coverage design and SEO. Kick back and enjoy the shade.

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