Dental SEO – Tools of the Trade

There are specific tools required for a successful root canal and the same goes for a successful internet Marketing plan. Keyword Research, Rank Tracking, Optimized Content, Adwords, Analytics, Local SEO, Call Tracking, Review Building & Monitoring.

Live Ranking Dashboards: Know where you rank, where the competition ranks and how often keywords are searched monthly. Track as many as you’d like. Once you know the monthly volume, you’ll know the value of ranking well for those terms. Top positions should translate into more clicks, more conversions and more new patients!

Adwords Reporting: You need more info than how many clicks you paid for. In order to be successful, you need to know which clicks convert (lead to calls and contact forms). You need to know total conversions, conversion rate and cost per conversion. What does it cost you for a lead and how many leads does it take to land a new patient? Once you know what you’re paying per new patient, you have a benchmark.


Analytics Reporting: Compare your web traffic to last month or last year. Pages per session, Avg. time on site, Bounce rate. Do yours show green? You need to know a lot more than keyword rankings. You need to know how it’s affecting your web traffic and if that traffic is converting into leads. Remember, it’s not better rankings that you want, it’s new patients.


Local SEO & Business Listings: Are you in control of the 75+ business directory profiles listing info about your practice? ClickGiant is able to push correct info to over 75 profiles instantly and lock profiles so they can’t be tampered with. We also report on listing engagement, traffic and results. Interactions with your Google My Business Profile, Directions Requests, Phone Calls. Know where your traffic’s coming from and where it’s not.

Call Tracking & Reporting: Know how many calls you’re getting and from where the calls originated? Did your Facebook campaign finally start to drive actions? Are the majority from Adwords or Organic search results? How many are coming via Google Maps now that you are ranked #1? All calls are recorded for quality control and training purposes as well.




Review Monitoring: Do you know what’s being said about your practice right now? Hopefully it’s all good, but if it’s not you need to know and have the opportunity to respond immediately or contest the review before it’s too late. Our dashboard displays all reviews from over 75 social platforms in real time and can alert you of a review containing less than 4 stars. Do you have time to log in and out of 75 profiles daily to respond to reviews?


Review Building Tools: Online reviews are the hottest topic in Internet Marketing right now. Having positive reviews affects SEO and rankings, click-through rate, conversion rate and gives prospective patients a good idea of the type of practice you are instantly when they are trying to decide on who to choose. We have review tools that track and report on employee progress and set up a competitive landscape for the practice to build positive reviews, better rankings and earn new patients.

“5 new patients today. That’s what I call real growth. Thanks!” – Dr. White

You want new patients. We can help you get them.