How do you add the Buzzmarker extension to Google Chrome? We’re here to deliver key insights on this powerful tool. If you use Buzzstream, you simply must utilize Buzzmarker. With the BuzzMarker for Chrome, you can:

  • Add Websites, Contacts, and Links to BuzzStream, with the click of a button. Never leaving the site you’re on!
  • Know which sites your marketing team has already made contact with.
  •  Utilize Lists & Prospecting Tools, bookmarking, or “buzzmarking” interesting prospects.

With the BuzzMarker Chrome extension, you can now also add links, people, notes, and tags. And you can do this on the screen you are currently on. No new windows or tabs to open. You can see your marketing team’s email and social history with the site you’re on. Quickly check out bios and contact info to find the best person for outreach opportunities. You can update and add notes, authors, and links as needed. All of this, without ever leaving the site you’re on!

Just a heads up, you get 14 days free. After that, the service is $29/month.You have a marketing budget, right? Well, this is where you should put it to use! It’s one of the most affordable and effective tools for understanding

Let’s Get Started!

Step 1:

      • If you haven’t already, sign up for an account on BuzzStream. If you have an account already, log in.
      • Click here to download BuzzMarker.
      • Once there, click on “install now”.


Step 2: On your browser, go to settings. That will bring you to this menu. You need to go up one on the menu list to “Extensions”. BuzzMarker should be included with your other extensions. Make sure you click “Enabled” to activate the tool.

And that’s it! How long did that take you, maybe 5 minutes? Not bad at all.


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