Philosophy & Research

Victor Barbone sells vintage engagement rings that can cost as much as $30k a pop. We felt that was reason enough to go a bit deeper than a simple product description. Sell visitors and Google on why you’re the expert. 

Did you know Aristotle claimed that merely possessing an emerald endowed the owner with a commanding presence guaranteeing victory in all manner of trials? If you’re hoping for an SEO victory, it starts with intelligent keyword research. Where can we get a foothold in the rankings to build traffic and authority?

A Cut Above

We found that the keyword “engagement ring stone meanings” had decent search traffic with some elbow room in terms of competition. The idea behind the piece we ultimately produced was to provide useful information to Googlers searching for the perfect engagement ring for their significant other. 

We knew it wasn’t going to be easy. This content needed to be a “cut above” a typical blog, so we gave it a home in the “shop by stone” section of the Victor Barbone website.

Position Zero

Doesn’t get any better than a Google Featured Snippet, aka “Position Zero” baby! And that’s not all. Victor Barbone is now ranking on page 1 for over 50 terms related to “ring stone meanings”. 

Rankings like this have led to a significant increase in traffic and authority, ultimately trickling up to provide improved rankings for top level keywords on eCommerce collection pages as well.

Since publishing, this piece has received 15,808 visits and is still going strong. It and pieces like it have contributed to an increase in organic traffic of 900% over the last 3 years.

“ClickGiant continues to deliver stellar results, including a significant and steady increase in organic traffic that’s increased visits from around 100 to 9,000 per month.

– Andria Rogers, Owner