Exceeding Expectations

When it comes to patient care, TGD’s goal is to exceed expectations. Says it right on their homepage. When it comes to web design, SEO and driving quality traffic to our client’s sites, ClickGiant’s goal is also to exceed expectations. Both TGD and CG have been successful in that regard, having worked together now for 5 years. TGD just opened their 3rd office in as many years!

Dominate The Game

If someone is looking for a dentist in North Charleston, SC, I think it’s safe to say, TGD will get a crack at it. The idea is to own the page. Don’t let the cavity creep competition even sniff those top positions. TGD’s mantra is “floss, brush, gargle, spit, repeat”. ClickGiant’s mantra is “design, write, optimize, convert, repeat”.

Stay On Top

We could have highlighted a few more rankings on that list of #1’s but why? We’re too busy building the same kind of rankings for TGD’s two new office locations! Design, Write, Optimize, Convert, Repeat.

Fight Like Crap

If you are from the South, you know the Tigers are kind of a big beal, having just won the National Championship. “Tiger Net” is kind of a big deal for Clemson fans looking for news. On the left you have head coach Dabo Swinney fighting like crap to keep the culture in tact and on the right you have ClickGiant fighting like crap to keep our client front and center on local websites with lots of traffic. Let us fight like crap for your brand.