Live The Sweet Life

Create a lifestyle brand feel while selling sunglasses online. The challenge was achieving a healthy balance between a lifestyle website and an online store experience. Go too far with “lifestyle” and you risk losing sales. Go too far with “online store” and you risk losing your soul.

Not Cheap – Super Affordable

How do you position a $30 pair of shades as high quality? You don’t. Embrace what you are. Really durable, really cool, really fun shades that are not going to ruin your summer if left behind at the tiki bar.

Content That Clicks

Nectar sponsors many extreme sport athlete influencers. So why not target this demographic? ClickGiant created content to promote the lifestyle and the sunglasses that make it achievable. Take this blog post showing why Nectar shades are the best sunglasses for snowboarders, for instance. In the end, readers and Google agreed with us. Nectar is now #1 in the world for “best sunglasses for snowboarding”. Bing. Bang. Boom.

Organic Traffic Up 21%

That’s not just an increase in traffic. That’s an increase in high quality traffic! ClickGiant blogs aren’t empty words. They’re magical words that have the power to rank well on Google and convince young men in their living rooms that your product is the one they need. Abracadabra. Hocus pocus. Sale.

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“They are responsive, collaborative, and fun to work with. They came up with some out-of-the-box ideas and did a great job”

– Dylan Roukas, Founder / VP Marketing