Design Not Passing The Bar?

Is there anything more sexy than a YP designed website? Even though this design appears to be circa 1989, this was the firm’s website just two years ago when we were hired to improve their online presence.

Making A Case

The goal of the homepage design was three-fold. First, we wanted to make it clear that they were real lawyers, real people. Second, we wanted to show that they were “downtown” lawyers who knew where the courthouse was actually located. Third, we wanted to convey that they had the experience needed to win. The winning strategy? A photoshoot on the steps of the courthouse with smiling faces and a new tagline: “Protecting Employees’ Rights For Over 25 Years”. That’s how you debate.

That Was Then. This Is Now.

When we began working on SEO for the firm, the only keyword you could find them on page one for was “Hitchcock & Potts,” and they weren’t even ranked #1. Now they are in the top three positions for search terms that are producing clicks, conversions and new clients! “Charleston employment attorney” is ranked #2!!!!

Web Traffic Up 155%. Online Leads Up 310%.

New web design, new messaging and SEO have led to a fantastic increase in traffic and leads for this firm. Their online presence now reflects their 25+ years in business and high standard of excellence. Case closed.

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“Thank You ClickGiant!”

– A. Christopher Potts, Attorney