Pursue the Good Life

Good Life Financial Advisors create strategies to fit your financial goals. ClickGiant creates strategies to fit your online goals. Creating custom SEO and content strategies is also how we hit our financial goals. We also believe the quickest way to the “Good Life” is a steady stream of quality traffic and a website that is ready to capture and convert. 

Before hiring ClickGiant, the only thing that Good Life Financial ranked for in Mt. Pleasant, SC was “Good Life Mt. Pleasant SC”. So, after keyword research, on-page SEO, GMB profile and Page Speed optimization, we built a content strategy focused on service areas and blogs. Remember, we use content to go after longtail keywords, get ranked, drive traffic, and increase authority so we can one day rank well for the most important keywords for driving business like “mt pleasant financial planner”.

Robo Rank Power

We started with the higher-level service area pages like “Robo Investing” and then worked our way into the blogs. What, Where, When, How, Why? We didn’t let a robot write it, oh no, we laid it down CG style.

Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto

First we hit #1 for “robo investing Charleston sc” then #1 for “robo investing south carolina” then #6 Nationally for “are robo investors safe”.

Map Pack Love

Remember we talked about building content and authority that would trickle up to the most important search terms for the client?

Live Ranking Dash

See Robo and some of his friends in green who paved the way for the orange? The client has received a plethora of quality leads and new business simply by being included in the top 3 (map pack) results for “financial planners and advisors” searches.

Glorious Traffic

Organic Traffic  over 90 day period vs same period the year before. 163% increase. Bing bang boom. 

That’s Livin the Good Life Baby

“They are fantastic. I would encourage people to hear them out because they’re the best SEO service provider that we’ve found.”

– Fred Claghorn, CFP