Why Being A Brand Ambassador is Awesome

I’m about to geek out on you guys and give a quick spiel on why it is personally rewarding to be a brand ambassador. Seriously, each company I work with changes my life. . . Say what? Cue my celebratory speech:


No, I’m not actually the CEO of the company I’m endorsing but I am the CEO of my life. I like to be happy while doing work. And for that to happen, it has to be meaningful work.

But how do you make it meaningful when you’ve never met the company or heard of their product(s) before?

In this situation, take out a notebook and start digging in. I chose to seek out the best in the company from the start. Each company has a story and it is up to you to fill in the details. Do a little research on the history of the business. Nothing is better than promoting a company with a great backstory! Speak with the owners if you have the opportunity and gain a sense of their connection with the company. Finally, take a look at what they did in the past that’s brought them to where they are today.

Running a business is a ton of work. Starting one is even harder. If you can respect what the brand has done up to this point, you will be much more passionate about their products or services, not to mention more protective over their name and how they are viewed by others.

Tip: Imagine said company is yours. I know that makes my heart quicken with competitiveness! It is intrinsic motivation that you must channel to drive you and the company to success. You have to want it not only for monetary reasons, but because you want to see the company make it BIG. You must have positive affirmations for the company’s future.

You’re essentially the company’s life coach and you’re automatically on their  team. Time to start laying out some plays! Can’t you see it? Ads. Ads everywhere!


Samples Galore

Did somebody say samples? And is that somebody talking about free samples?

In order to market the product, you need to know what it is you’re talking about so excitedly in your emails, right?

Companies will more often than not offer you (or even your whole team) a glimpse at the product. They want to get you amped up about it too! You will see this happening even in the kitchens of big corporate restaurants. Managers have their employees taste test the new specials. Not only does it liven up the work vibe, you sound a whole lot more knowledgeable about it afterwards.

Some of these samples can be practical like a new pair of sunglasses, while others may be delicious treats. Regardless of what it is, it is enjoyable to try new products… especially for free, in an office, while getting paid to do it. You may even find your next favorite brand! How easy would it be to tell everybody about that?

If you don’t love it, don’t sweat it. At least you have a better idea of the product and you will come away with more content for your marketing emails.


You meet a new community.

And then you start chatting with them and something magical happens… you become friends. I knew I was starting to do some serious relationship building with bloggers when I had notifications that they were following me on Instagram and I was out buying their cookbooks after work. Before you know it, you’ll build relationships within the little niche of your target group.

To achieve this, you must approach them with an open mind. Don’t think of them as weirdos because they’re a tad obsessed with fashion accessories or fishing. To each their own. Stand back and try to understand what in the world is going on.

Whenever I start getting acclimated to the community, I look for a structure and a language.

Say you are marketing sunglasses. Before long, you are going to be referring to them in specifics: polarized, aviators, brow bars, cat eyes, clubmasters, mirrored, oversized, Wayfarers, small framed…that’s your new language and you should speak to them in that knowledgeable language! You’ll know that Oakley, Maui Jim and Ray-ban are the popular kids. You’ll discover who’s following who in the blogosphere of sunglasses. Basically, you are going to know a lot about one thing by the time you are done researching people to reach out to.


You Get to Make Others Happy

I may not always love the product or business I’m working with, but I do love helping others. It is very satisfying when you can see that you are making a difference! By knowing what the customers want, you’re promoting something that is relevant to them. They will thank you for bringing the brand/service to their attention.

Maybe they want to keep their readers engaged by hosting giveaways with products that meet their blog’s focus such as organic food. You can help them by offering to do a giveaway if they return the favor by writing up a quick sponsored post about your brand. Maybe they love sunglasses and have a style blog. If you give them a pair to wear with their next new outfit, they will be more than happy to credit your brand in a modeling picture. Who doesn’t love running up to their best friend with the latest news on something you know they love? If you have pride in your product and you’re excited about its existence, others will sense it.


You Get to be Creative

If you were to stand in the cereal isle of the grocery store, you will see the work of many creative marketers. There’s an endless range of brand colors, logos, characters, slogans, etc. and everyone wants the same thing; to be noticed.

Brands allow me to get creative and think outside the box (…err desk). It’s your job to bring something to the company that wasn’t there before. Maybe you give it a personality or a more professional design. Once you understand the business’s vibe, you can begin writing and designing marketing content. A tip of advice is to make the company’s content pieces something that you yourself would be interested in hearing about.

Do you have what it takes to stand out from the competition?


Admittedly, there is no set recipe for what makes a great ambassador or not. Regardless, I believe that having these qualities will increase the possibility of a successful marketing campaign and keep you happy while doing it! Marketing different brands makes for a dynamic work life as you are constantly learning about something you previously had little to no knowledge on. You become an expert on the little things and meeting people and groups you never would have before!

My life has changed from being a brand ambassador because I cannot remove what I’ve learned and who I’ve met from these past companies. I may develop different ideas concerning them, but I’m stuck knowing a lot about one thing.

If you’re able to see how this is valuable, there is a high likelihood that you already are or are going to be successful in your marketing campaign. If not, slowly build up some excitement about the brand and what it can do to help you grow in your life.

– ClickGiant


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