At ClickGiant, our focus revolves entirely around getting our clients more clicks, conversions and customers. Our content-centric, clients-first approach to doing business has made us one of the top digital marketing companies in Charleston with Clutch and its sister site, The Manifest, ranking ClickGiant as high as 3rd in our field thanks to our customer relationships and proven results.

We are extremely proud of the quality work that we provide to all of our customers, big and small, so we appreciate being recognized by Clutch and The Manifest. Clutch uses an extensive methodology that takes into account different aspects of our operations, like market presence, demonstrated industry experience, customer satisfaction, client reviews, and more, meaning that this award is backed up by sound data analysis.

In more than a dozen reviews left on our Clutch profile, previous customers of ours raved about the effectiveness of our campaigns, tangible results, how much they enjoyed their collaborations with our team members, and the overall responsiveness, professionalism, and excellence of our company. ClickGiant greatly values the positive feedback from our clients and knowing that they have appreciated and benefitted from their partnership with us as much as we have.

“With their strategic campaigns, we’ve seen significant increases in our search term rankings. Currently, we appear within the top results for many keywords and can compete with larger companies for common categories,” praised one client. “With regards to our general experience, ClickGiant provides terrific service. We fully trust their CEO because he does his job and is willing to go above and beyond for his client.”

“From the beginning, their team has been easy to work with. Their communication is fantastic and makes our life easier,” touted a second client. “They’ve produced amazing results without over promising. Our web traffic has increased year after year, with 2017 being our best year. Thanks to ClickGiant, our branding is congruent across all platforms and has been well received by both our customers and staff.”

“Project management was smooth and seamless. Even when I fell behind with sending ClickGiant information they needed, they kept the project progressing. ClickGiant has a phenomenal level of market knowledge and excellent communication skills,” summarized yet another client. “I was very happy with the whole process. ClickGiant made what I thought would be a labor-intensive project almost seem easy!”

If you’re interested in bringing our SEO knowledge to to the table for your company, we urge you to reach out and connect with us. We would love to provide more details on how we’ll help your company land more clicks, conversions and customers. We’d like to thank Clutch and our clients for all of their support and acknowledgments of our performance!