Local SEO for Small Business: Google Knowledge Graph & Knowledge Panel

When it comes to local SEO for a small business, it can be easy to get pulled under the virtual ocean of search results. If your business isn’t riding the Google wave, it will almost assuredly sink. With its ever-changing applications and algorithms, Google can make it difficult for small businesses to stay afloat. With over 60 trillion unique pages and counting on the web, it is important that a business understands which tools and applications to utilize in order to avoid getting swept away with the tides. In this series, we’ll discuss various Google applications and their potential impact on the local SEO for your small business. This week, we’re focusing on the Google Knowledge Panel.

What is the Knowledge Panel?

To explain the Knowledge Panel, let’s imagine we have typed “Caribbean Islands” into the Google search bar. Google will have then produced a Knowledge Graph with a Carousel of different Caribbean Islands at the top of the page.




Furthermore, let’s imagine we’ve selected the island of St. John from the Carousel. Once we do this, Google will refresh to display the top search results and a Knowledge Panel for St. John.

But what is a Knowledge Panel? I’m so glad you asked, since I was going to tell you anyway. A Knowledge Panel is a snapshot of information about a specific topic (i.e., a business, a celebrity, an island) that Google collects and creates to optimize the user experience. In this instance, St. John’s Knowledge Panel includes its area, major cities, and some popular points of interest on the island. Information commonly found on a local Knowledge Panel can be a store’s hours of operation, a company’s phone number, or the birth date of a famous individual. You’ve likely seen it when searching for a local business in your area.

The Knowledge Panel and Local SEO for Small Business

We recommend that our clients (and really anyone who wishes to increase their online visibility) understand how they fit into the ocean of Google search results. This means keeping up with current applications that their company can utilize, and doing everything in their power to ride the Knowledge Panel wave.

Google collects Knowledge Panel information for small companies based on their local SEO. There is no way to purchase or ensure that Google will generate a Knowledge Panel for your company, but there are a number of steps that can be taken to greatly increase the likeliness that Google will recognize your organization as credible enough to display a Knowledge Panel.

  • Content is king. The more content that a business can produce (be it website or blog content), the more likely that Google will recognize that it is generating relevant information. With a greater recognition of relevancy, your business will become more credible in the eyes of the Google bots that are continually scanning your site and its content. When this happens, your business stands a better chance of getting displayed within a Knowledge Panel.
  • Establish a Google My Business profile. This allows your company to quickly and easily adjust its hours of operation, phone number, and photos. Google will begin to make the connection between a company’s available information and commonly searched queries about its website. Often, this is where Google goes to collect much of its Knowledge Panel information.
  • Get verified. It’s a small step, but it matters! Once the location of your business is verified, Google can begin to collect data on your website’s traffic and will be more likely to suggest your business in local search results.
  • Get reviewed. Google pays attention to customer reviews across the web. If a customer leaves a review that is less than satisfactory, address the review immediately! Google also sees when a business addresses and corrects any complaints that its customers may have.

Local SEO for Small Business? No Problem.

We know it can be challenging to feel like a little fish in the big ocean of Google search results. Our aim is to provide the information to help businesses develop and grow their online presence—and its smooth sailing from there. If you’re having trouble figuring out what to do about local SEO for your small business, give us a call.

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