Good Link? Determining Authority

 You absolutely do not want your website listed on a random directory with a million other links. That’s just spammy. We don’t like spammy and certainly don’t want to be associated with all that

clutter. It’s really tempting when you can list your business and see it published instantly, but please hold back from impulsive outreach. …OK, Rant over.

There are several tools that you can use to find good sites to link to. I would highly recommend using at least one of the following:

You should be able to answer yes to this question: Is this website something that will help my business gain more viewers that are interested in what I have to offer? If you own a small lawn care business, you don’t want to have a link coming from a law firm’s page. Yes, of course lawyers need their grass mowed too, but this isn’t what they’re looking for at that moment! Don’t frustrate potential future customers/clients and don’t frustrate yourself with lots of site visits with no increase in business.

Is the layout of the website clean and easy to use? 

I know, I know don’t judge a book by its cover, but graphic design is one of the biggest motivators for people to stay engaged on a site.

It captures our attention and asks to be further explored.

Pie charts, bold text, colorful images, great photography, illustrations, videos, bar graphs, interactive sites, and much more contribute to the visitor experience.

With that being said, you shouldn’t have to go on an Easter egg hunt to find the contact button. The content should be organized so you can easily access the information that you’re looking for.

Finally, the page shouldn’t be too distracting (in a bad way). If there is too much going on there image or word-wise, people are going to to click off just as fast as they clicked on.

Does the website have a good amount of traffic?

This matters.

If a website is a hole in the wall, there won’t be many visitors.

They have to see the site to click on it. It won’t list well on Google, and let’s face it…by the time you reach page 3 on Google, you start to doubt the credibility of what those websites have to offer.

Remember, Google ranks these websites based on their popularity on the web. They know which sites are getting the most traffic in the industry and they are presenting their research to you.

Above all else…

Use your gut.

If this wasn’t about your company’s SEO, would you still consider the site valuable?

Would you stay on the page for a bit or would you immediately search for the back button?

The point is, you want a lot of people to see your company in a good light. Think about the websites that you visit often: Facebook, Google, Twitter…what do they all have in common? A user friendly layout, compelling content, and high ranking in Google search.