How AI Is Revolutionizing Marketing Personalization

How AI Is Revolutionizing Marketing Personalization

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing a lot of industries, and one of the most impacted sectors is marketing. Marketing personalization has always been around, but with the help of AI, businesses are in a better position to really understand their customers/clients. By using these tools, businesses and marketers can create content and campaigns that are truly personalized across all platforms.

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What is Marketing Personalization?

Marketing personalization is when a company uses data and analytics to create campaigns or content tailored to individual customers/clients. This can be as small as personalized email subject lines or as built-out as customized landing pages. The goal of marketing personalization is to be relevant to a specific audience because customers/clients who feel you are speaking directly to them are more likely to buy and stay loyal.

Some ways marketers do this is by segmenting their audience into groups based on shared needs/characteristics. Or using data, they gather on purchase history, social media interactions, and now AI machine learning.

What is AI-Powered Marketing Personalization?

AI-powered marketing personalization is when a marketer uses AI to analyze data so that when campaigns or content are created, it can target people precisely. AI can be used in many sectors of marketing. Here are a few examples:

  • Content marketing: AI can create personalized content recommendations for your blog posts, videos, or email campaigns.
  • Product recommendations: AI can suggest which products a customer may buy based on past purchases or browsing history.
  • Email marketing: A marketer may use AI to make an email funnel personalized to the person who signed up for emails.
  • Social media: AI can personalize social media posts and ads that people see across social media.
  • Website personalization: AI can personalize a website experience for a visitor by ensuring products they would likely buy are shown on the page and offering the right promotions for them.

AI does all this by analyzing lots of available information thanks to search history, purchase history, likes/dislikes, demographic data, and more. Using AI in your marketing campaigns can increase customer engagement, improve satisfaction, get better conversion rates, and increase ROI.

An Important Look at Ethical AI-Powered Marketing Personalization

Of course, with all AI comes the question of ethics. Without a human behind the wheel, AI may cross the line into practices that are not in humanity’s best interest. Some things you should keep in mind when using AI for marketing purposes are your goal and collecting the correct data. Once you know those things, you must work with a reputable company that keeps ethics at the forefront of their AI systems.

After this, it’s important to be clear to your audience that your company uses AI. Then, you can monitor its results, as well as gather feedback from your customer/client base to keep improving. All of this will keep you one step ahead of any ethical concerns that might arise.

So How Do You Use AI-Powered Marketing Personalization?

There are a number of platforms that help you use AI marketing personalization, picking one that’s right for you and your budget is the first place to start. Below are some to research:

  • Monetate: This platform offers A/B testing to help you get personalized solutions for your customers, including dynamic pricing.
  • Optimove: Optimove uses AI to personalize customer journeys, including email campaigns and pop-ups.
  • Phrasee: Phrasee uses AI to optimize marketing copy for click-through rate (CTR).
  • Seventh Sense: Seventh Sense uses AI to detect and prevent fraud in marketing campaigns.

Once you have chosen your favorite platform, you will need to gather customer information from all sources, such as the website, your email list, and social media accounts. The platform itself will then help you decide how to target your audience.

Exciting Examples of AI-Powered Marketing Personalization Success

A few big-name companies are using AI to personalize their marketing and are a great inspiration for how you might use this new technology in innovative ways.


Netflix uses an AI model to personalize the content on its platform to give its users the best results. It can tailor media to the taste of the user, making it much easier to find things to watch. They even use this in their email marketing campaigns by hyping up shows based on what the user would actually want to watch rather than generically listing everything coming out that month.


Amazon uses AI to advertise the perfect product to the user on their app/website. Because of this, customers are more likely to find products they actually want and need, even before they know they need them. Amazon is considering drones in the future to anticipate what a customer might want to buy based on AI learning and then deliver products before the customer even purchases them.


Spotify can give you the exact song you’re looking for based on your personal taste in music. This cool feature means that users are more likely to keep listening, upping the engagement on their software. In the future, Spotify wants to use AI to summarize what podcasts are about to help people get into new content easily. This can then be used to target consumers more precisely.


Nike uses AI to personalize marketing campaigns. This way, they can reach each user with the right message, as there are several niches of customers that Nike has. Take, for example, those wearing Nike for fashion and those wearing it for particular sports. Nike has already rolled out the ultimate personalization for its products, as you can now go to SoHo and create a shoe designed just for you. This is called the “Made by Nike” customization studio. Nike understands that personalization is the future of marketing.

The Future of AI-Powered Marketing Personalization

AI is changing rapidly, and with it comes more opportunities for companies to reach the right customers/clients for them. In the future, instead of gathering past data to reach the user’s needs, AI will be able to update their data on the fly to give more relevant results. This will also improve the timing of certain messages, so you’re right there when the customer/client needs you to be.

As a business facing the future of AI, it’s important to understand that your campaigns should become less about impressions and more about the end results. Many experts are predicting a massive shift in the numbers we see and a focus on getting sales over exposure.

Conclusion: How AI is Revolutionalizing Marketing Personalization

AI personalization will make it possible for businesses actually to deliver relevant, timely content to users. This should lead to more engagement, satisfaction, better ROIs, and high conversions. Staying ahead of the curve in AI will truly set your company apart from your competitors.

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