How AI is Changing the Way We Shop Online

How AI is Changing the Way We Shop Online

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is affording us new ways to capture customers online and sell them the products they need when they need them. Although AI supports incredible tools, the only way to use these tools correctly is by working with an expert who understands the ins and outs of SEO and marketing because adding a human touch to your use of AI is how you will succeed. In this blog, we will look at how AI is changing the way we shop online and what it will mean for your business. 

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The Rise of AI-Powered Shopping

AI and shopping are becoming so intertwined that it’s almost impossible to make optimal sales without it. It impacts every area, and below, we have put together a list of some of the ways it can support your company:

1. Personalized Shopping Experiences

Personalization is exciting for any SEO specialist. Targeting specific people for specific pain points is becoming easier with AI. AI algorithms can look at your website user’s data and how they behave to increase conversions and make shopping on your site more satisfying.

2. Improved Customer Support

Customer support is a big part of online shopping. Someone is more likely to buy knowing they have customer support there to help them through the process or to answer questions that clear up any confusion. After all, a confused potential customer is less likely to buy. Virtual assistants can be added to your website to provide 24/7 support.

3. Inventory Management

Going out of stock when there is a big boom of interested buyers is devastating for online sellers. The opposite is also true: having too much stock. AI can predict how your inventory will look at certain points, which can help you track demand trends and have the products you need available. 

4. Visual Search

Visual search is another thing that customers use to find the products they want. By taking a picture of a product AI visual search can find similar products the uploader can buy. This is an incredible tool for those who might not know what something is called or speak a different language and it can get you more sales. 

5. Enhanced Fraud Detection

Fraud is a big issue for online shopping. AI algorithms can search your data in real-time to try and identify and prevent fraudulent activities. This protects the business and its customers. 

E-commerce Enablement through AI

E-commerce enablement is a buzzword that’s quickly gaining popularity. It means leveraging AI, software, and tools to help online businesses achieve the goals they want for their online sales. AI can enable online shopping in a few ways, here are some:

1. Efficient Marketing Strategies

Marketing is a big part of getting online sales. AI can analyze lots of data to find trends and customer behaviors so businesses know what products to push and when. You can also use AI to optimize AD targeting and help with content creation and social media campaigns. 

2. Predictive Analytics

Another cool feature of AI is its ability to predict what products you might need in stock in the future. Planning inventory far in advance of what you are used to can really help you run your business more efficiently. 

3. AI-Enhanced User Interfaces

Is the user interface of your online shopping website the best it can be? AI can help you discover this and tweak it to make optimal changes. AI is also able to help with voice search, natural language processing, and responsive design. All of these are things that online shoppers are looking for.

AI-Optimized Intelligent Assistants

Shopping assistants are an incredible tool to help promote products you might sell on your website. These are AI systems that help customers find exactly what they are looking for and gather information about it. They might be:

  • Browser plugins
  • Popups
  • Mobile apps
  • Widgets
  • Chatbots
  • Conversational AI

Here are some that your customers might use:

AI Shopping Assistants Features
Google Assistant Offers product recommendations and price comparisons. You can tell it things like “buy candles on Etsy”.
Amazon Alexa Integrates with Amazon Prime for easy voice commands to complete your shopping.
IBM Watson Uses AI to understand customer queries and recommend products as a chatbot. It is omnichannel. 
Siri by Apple Helps users find products and services online using voice.
ChatGPT Provides real-time assistance and product suggestions, however, it may be out of date. ChatGPT hopes to connect online soon to resolve this issue. 

Brands Using AI in Their Online Shopping Experience

Plenty of big name brands are taking advantage of AI for e-commerce and online shopping, too. Sometimes, looking at how other companies are using this technology can help us implement it in our brands in new and unique ways. Here are some cool examples: 


Amazon uses AI in almost every aspect of its business. As a large online shopping company, they know how to get the AI shopping experience right. First, they use a lot of personalization by recommending specific products the customer might need. They do this with AI that analyzes past purchases and browsing history to suggest something a customer might like. They also have dynamic pricing. They will adjust prices in real-time based on the demand for the product, how much inventory there is, or competitor pricing. You can also voice search for products on their website using AI assistants, which can understand natural language processing. 


Sephora uses AI with its Virtual Artist feature, so customers can actually try on the makeup products they are searching for right then and there. Virtual Artist uses augmented reality (AR) to overlay the product onto the shopper’s face, get step-by-step customized tutorials, and color-match an outfit. Although this is a separate app rather than on the website itself, it’s still a cool way that AI can help make sales. 


Like other big brands, Nike uses AI for personalization, so the online shopping experience is tailored to each person who browses their website. They do this by looking at past purchases, what the shopper looks at, and browsing history. They also have a NikePlus membership program where events will be suggested if the AI believes the individual would be interested based on past purchases, such as running shoes vs. training events. They also use AI for rewards, tailoring to what the customer may want, and even personalized training. 


Gucci has its own Try on Virtually feature, which uses AI to help customers try before they buy. AR overlays clothes onto the customer’s body so they can see how it might look in real-time before they make a purchase.

The Future of AI in E-commerce

AI will be used more and more for online shopping, and below, we have put together some of the things that are predicted to become more popular:

  • AI-Powered Augmented Reality: Giving your shoppers the option to see products on themselves or in their environment before they buy to help them make the best decision and convert more easily. 
  • AI-Driven Voice Commerce: Voice-activated devices will become more and more normal in the online shopping process. Customers will be able to make purchases based on simple commands. 
  • Sustainability Focus: Sustainability will always be a concern for any business. AI will support businesses in reaching goals for supply chain sustainability, making the world a cleaner, better place to live.

Conclusion: How AI is Changing the Way We Shop Online

AI is going to change the way that everyone shops online and for the better. Companies that embrace AI in their strategies are more likely to make more sales and stay ahead of their competitors. But AI alone will not help you to stand out. There are a lot of ethical issues with using AI, and it’s not perfect yet. By working with SEO specialists to help build your website, who understand the best use of AI and where errors might occur, you stand the best chance of using AI in an ethical and effective way. 

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