How AI is Changing the Paid Search Landscape

How AI is Changing the Paid Search Landscape

Paid search is a crucial part of any strategy for businesses online; after all, to be successful, companies need to be able to reach the right audience at the right time, which is mostly achieved by working with marketing experts who understand the most up-to-date techniques. Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides some of the most innovative tactics available right now for paid search, so in this blog, we highlight how experts are using AI to get the most return on investment for companies looking to use paid search. 

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The Influence of AI on Paid Search

AI has completely changed how advertisers go about paid search on almost all platforms. Below, we list some things that AI can generally help with: 

1. Automated Bidding Strategies

  • Enhanced Decision-Making: Making decisions about how ads should be run needs plenty of data to get right. AI can analyze lots of this data and even make real-time decisions.  
  • Adaptive Learning: Machine learning is where AI can adapt what they know based on data that is coming in.

2. Audience Targeting and Segmentation

  • Precision Targeting: Targeting specific audiences is a huge part of any advertising campaign and arguably one of the most important aspects to get right. AI can easily do this and make real-time changes based on data. 
  • Behavioral Insights: User behavior can let a marketing expert know what adjustments need to be made to campaigns or websites. AI is able to track this behavior and give experts good data to rely on when making decisions regarding this. 

3. Ad Copy Optimization

  • Dynamic Ad Creation: AI can help to make ad copy that is based on user behavior or data. 
  • A/B Testing Automation: Testing is a large part of online advertising, as it can help to optimize an ad and get the most return. AI is able to do this to improve click-through rates and more. 

4. Keyword Optimization

  • Semantic Understanding: AI can quickly understand the users intent behind searching for certain phrases, this information can then be used by an expert to craft ads or copy that will target the ideal audience. 
  • Long-Tail Keyword Analysis: AI tools can help find long-tail keywords for marketing experts to take advantage of. 

The Future of Paid Search

Paid search is going to continue to change as new technologies become available. Here are some upcoming trends to pay attention to:

1. Voice Search Optimization

  • This is a big one. People are searching via their devices using voice more and more, due to the convenience and other technologies hitting the market, like Alexa. AI has caught up by understanding natural language processing, allowing AI to help find keywords to cater to this or find the right information based on voice search for a user. 

2. Cross-Channel Integration

  • There are so many channels available right now for businesses that it can be almost impossible to keep up with. AI is going to be the way forward for keeping track of every platform your business uses, especially with paid search. 

3. Predictive Analytics

  • Predictions are the new way to keep in front of the right audience, in fact, it’s no longer good enough to look at past behavior. AI can forecast user behavior, so marketing will become proactive, leaving businesses that do not take advantage of this in the dust. 

4. Privacy-Focused Solutions

  • AI is developing ways to keep user data more private than traditional methods of data collection. As more laws and restrictions pop up, AI will become the preferred choice in a lot of areas for the safety of the user. 

AI’s Impact on Search

AI is changing search results in plenty of ways, and marketing platforms are doing their best to keep up. Below are some cool examples of AI and how they have changed the way we market and search.

Smart Bidding

Smart bidding is automated using machine learning to get the best bids for conversions or conversion value at auction time. Smart Bidding strategies consider lots of data, including past campaign performance, trends, and real-time data. This can help in making better decisions to get better conversions and improve ROAS. Smart Bidding comes in a variety of strategies, including targeting ROAS, maximizing conversions, maximizing conversion value, and targeting CPA.

Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (BERT)

BERT is a natural language processing (NLP) engine that changes how we understand and interact with language when it comes to speech and search. Google developed this in 2018, and it has quickly become the most powerful NLP model available. 

BERT is based on transformer, which is a deep-learning architecture. Transformers are a type of neural network that uses attention mechanisms to process language. Attention mechanisms allow transformers to focus on relevant parts of the input text, making them great for NLP tasks.  BERT was trained using lots of data from articles, code, and other texts, which allows it to predict missing words in sentences and the meanings behind language. BERT can be used to answer questions, summarize text, and decide if two sentences are logically equivalent. This has an impact on how we search for information and how AI understands it. 

Multitask Unified Model (MUM)

MUM can be used to gather better information via search, improving on search ads and their conversions. MUM takes NLP to a whole new level and is a step up from BERT. MUM was developed by Google and is able to multitask NLP tasks making it more flexible. MUM can even comprehend and translate 75 languages and extract information from lots of sources, including images. MUM’s ability to understand context lets it be more accurate; add that to how it can tackle open-ended and strange questions, and MUM is a powerful language tool. 

How AI is Changing the Paid Search Landscape

AI is changing how paid search is used and how effective it is. Companies need to embrace AI to make sure they stay ahead of the curve when it comes to paid advertising. If you need assistance with custom content that ranks and gets clicks, improves your brand’s exposure online, increases quality traffic to your site, and converts visitors into customers, contact ClickGiant today. We are a leading digital marketing agency serving clients nationwide. 

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