How AI Agents Are Revolutionizing SEO Performance

How AI Agents Are Revolutionizing SEO Performance

Artificial Intelligence (AI) agents are increasing in popularity in the SEO realm and other search-related marketing. Understanding what they are and how to use them can save your business time and money in the long run. But, it’s also essential to understand that because AI agents are so overflooded and used by everyone, it can be impossible to stand out if they are your only tools. Let’s look at how AI agents might support your business with SEO and why you should avoid them in certain circumstances.

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What Are AI Agents?

An AI agent isn’t a covert operative but a program that helps to create things automatically. They are changing the way we do things online all the time and even out in the real world. AI agents learn from their environment or act on what is given to them to make smart choices. AI agents can truly be found anywhere; for example, Alexa and automated vehicles are two AI agents outside of the marketing sphere, but there are plenty that SEO companies use to help reach their goals. AI agents can be considered intelligent beings in their own right, as they make choices based on experiences all the time. 

The Function of an Artificial Intelligence Agent in SEO

It’s all well and good to know what an AI agent is, but understanding how it can help with your SEO is important for understanding SEO and the way it’s moving forward in general. Of course, a part of understanding AI in SEO is also knowing when it’s the wrong time to use an AI agent as part of your strategy. Working with SEO experts like ClickGiant, who understand AI and your business, can help you transition to the new marketing world smoothly and avoid these mistakes. With that said, here are some things to know about AI agents. 

How Does an AI Agent Work?

An AI agent uses algorithms in the background, so when they take in the data you give them or the data they have access to, they have a program to run it through to find the answer they are looking for. This is really helpful for SEO, which is largely data-based:

  • Keyword Research: AI agents can look through data happening right now to find keywords that would be useful to put into your content. This helps people find you and your website. 
  • Content Optimization: Some AI agents within programs can write content; although this content isn’t very high quality, it can serve as a stepping stone, showing you what the content might need or look like. 
  • Real-Time Data Analysis: Keeping an eye on how your website is doing is difficult without AI agents, as there is a lot of data collecting and then analyzing involved. AI agents can do some of the work for you. The rest should be done by a professional.

Types of Agents You Can Try for Your SEO

SEO professionals like those at ClickGiant use all sorts of agents to help them understand your data, your business, your website, and your audience. Below are some of the agents SEO experts might use and why:


Auto-GPT is an AI agent that researches before it writes content, so it can take from things like scientific papers and give you the sources. This is good for speeding up the content creation timeline, but it isn’t a reliable agent to work with without a keen, knowledgeable eye.


BabyAGI is like a personal assistant that can show you how to prioritize tasks and then does them for you. It will even adjust when it spots mistakes in its reasoning. Or when it’s tested its own process and found bad results. It only really works if the tasks you are giving it are logical and have parameters. 


AgentGPT works inside of your browser and uses Natural Language Processing (NLP), so the text it gives you sounds a bit more human. It performs tasks that should help you speed up the more monotonous things in your business processes, too. In terms of SEO and content, only an expert marketer can tell if the finished result is actually good enough to be used for content, but it can speed up some steps. 


CopyAI will work as a writing assistant to give you a good baseline for what you might write in your next blog, social media post or email. We don’t recommend using it without reviewing and adding/taking away things as needed. 


Frase can help you optimize content for search engines, as it looks at the content you have and tells you where to make tweaks. Often, these tools aren’t completely accurate or comprehensive, but can point you in the right direction. 

Surfer SEO

SurferSEO also creates content that is optimized for search engines and analyzes content, too, so you can see where changes can be made. Of course, it may not consider the little nuances that an expert would.


Outranking can help if you’re trying to compete with other businesses in your area or niche. It’ll look at the content from competitors and let you know what keywords they rank for and the sort of format they use for their content. 

A good SEO expert will be able to do most of these things better than the tools and agents. However, the AI agent can help speed up some of the more monotonous tasks.

Unintended Actions Raise Concerns with AI Agents

Unintended consequences go hand-in-hand with AI agents. For example, Auto-GPT has an error rate of up to 30%, which is huge. This isn’t the sort of error margin you should want associated with your business, which is why it’s important to hire experts and not just use the AI agents by themselves or really any AI tool. Here are some interesting unintended consequences to give you some idea of what could go wrong:

  • In 2016, Amazon had a recruiting system. Its algorithm was found to be biased against women, which is a big issue and a potential lawsuit.  
  • In 2018, Microsoft’s Tay chatbot was taken over by hackers who started writing inappropriate messages. 
  • There are many reports of self-driving cars injuring drivers. 
  • In 2020, there was a study conducted that found more bias, this time against black defendants.
  • In 2022, a study found that social media posts generated by AI agents were more likely to be harmful to women and minorities. 

AI Tools VS. AI Agents

AI tools and agents are actually both artificial intelligence, but they are used slightly differently. AI tools usually take care of a particular task, like translation, writing content, or answering a question you might have. AI agents are more automatic and adapt over time, but often come with the added need of prompts/coding like language. 

Here is a table to look at so you can quickly see the differences:

Characteristic AI tool AI agent
Definition Software that performs specific tasks using artificial intelligence Software that can act on its own to achieve goals, using artificial intelligence
Purpose To automate tasks and improve efficiency To perform tasks that are difficult or impossible for humans to do, or to do them better or more efficiently than humans can
Autonomy Limited High
Learning and adaptation Limited Capable of learning and adapting over time

Some examples of AI tools are:

  • Machine translation tools
  • Chatbots
  • Product recommendation systems
  • Spam filters
  • Fraud detection systems

Some AI agents are: 

  • Self-driving cars
  • Virtual assistants
  • Robotics
  • Video game characters
  • Trading algorithms

Both of these can be used from an SEO standpoint and can change the way we gather or look at data. 

Which Is Better: AI Tools or AI Agents?

They’re both useful in their own right. AI tools are just better for routine tasks you might have in your business marketing, and agents can take care of things that are a little more complicated or unpredictable since they can look at data in real-time and adapt. Really, you need to know what task you are trying to complete before deciding which one of these will do it better. 

In Conclusion: AI Agents are Revolutionizing SEO

As time goes on, we will likely see the use of AI agents more and more when it comes to SEO. This will save time and money for everyone involved, so it is a welcomed change. However, AI agents will never be able to do what a human SEO expert can. There are simply too many issues with bias and lack of contextual insight. Human SEO professionals will always be the go-to for the best strategy for your website possible.

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