Generative AI Content: Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Generative AI Content: Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Many companies are beginning to add generative AI content into their rotation, especially as part of their blogs, web pages, or social media. The appeal of being able to create content incredibly quickly is hard to ignore, but when generative content isn’t done the right way, a lot can go wrong. In this blog post, we will take a look at those top 5 mistakes that you should avoid with generative AI content and how to use this tool the right way. 

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Generative AI in Content Creation?

It isn’t that big of a mystery as to why so many companies are flocking to use generative AI content at scale. It takes the portion of your budget that would otherwise go to research, writers, and editing and gives it all to an AI that claims it can do it all for a fraction of that price. But unfortunately, this isn’t the case if you want to stay ahead of competitors with good content that does well to convert, engage, and perform against social and search engine algorithms. For that you will need to take a few more steps. 

Mistake 1: Over-reliance on Automation

When companies use AI, the worst thing they can do is over-rely on it and assume it is accurate. AI often makes mistakes–it can misunderstand the assignment or just simply make stuff up. You need a human working alongside the AI to help it do a good job. So you don’t rely too much on AI:

  • Hire someone to look over everything the AI creates  
  • Have someone add something new and interesting to the AI content 
  • Make sure your brand’s voice is clear

Mistake 2: Ignoring SEO and Engagement Metrics

AI generated content does not have access to the myriad of tools that an SEO expert does. These tools allow us to look at what keywords are trending, what people are searching for, and what the intent for keywords are. AI will often take a guess at these keywords and then plug them into the content. To make sure your SEO remains relevant:

  • Use AI alongside correct SEO research practices 
  • Make sure the AI isn’t keyword-stuffing and repeating itself to do so 

Mistake 3: Failing to Adapt Content for Different Platforms

Every platform that you create content for has its own needs, its own kind of audience with different demographics, likes, and a different algorithm to play with. You cannot simply take content from one platform and paste it into another. So you don’t fall victim to this issue:

  • Ensure your AI understands the platform its writing for, what tone it should use, the style and formatting, etc. 
  • Create strategies for each platform and use human oversight to check on the AI content and whether this strategy is being implemented

Mistake 4: Neglecting Brand Voice and Personality

When AI writes, it sounds “samey”. In fact, writers who work with different platforms, like ChatGPT or Claude2, can often tell which AI wrote the content just by reading it. AI often repeats words and phrases again and again. Because of this, you should implement some ways to make sure the content sounds like your brand and not AI’s: 

  • Have a human who understands AI writing–and knows what sounds like AI–go in and make tweaks so the content sounds like your brand
  • Make sure you are using the best prompts possible when creating the content to begin with so it doesn’t come out completely generic 
  • Delete where needed, as a lot of the time AI will just repeat itself in different ways 

Mistake 5: Not Regularly Updating AI Training Data

Some models are not updated that regularly, meaning it doesn’t have access to all the latest information. This can be devastating for many brands; for example, if you’re writing content for a dental office and the AI starts using outdated information to inform your patients of something now considered bad practice, this is a big problem. You can stay ahead in a couple of ways:

  • If you can, update the training data, but often, we don’t have access to do this 
  • So the next step is to make sure you do your own research and fact-check everything the AI has written 

Generative AI Needs Human Oversight 

Generative AI can make a lot of processes faster for many businesses, but it isn’t a plug-and-play solution yet. It’s one of those things where you really need someone who has experience using it and who actually understands content well to make sure what the AI is spitting out actually makes sense. AI should always be viewed as a tool to help your content strategy along and not something to replace people with, as in the long run, it can’t create, engage, or research in the way that a human can.  

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