We take a Google-friendly approach when developing campaigns for clients. Our focus is on creating content that will help you rank higher in their search results. When people need something, Google is where they start. In a similar manner, if you want a custom SEO campaign, start with ClickGiant. Even Clutch agrees––we sit at the top of their list of digital marketing companies in Charleston.

Based out of Washington, D.C., Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews platform. Their mission is to connect companies to the service providers that will best help them achieve their project goals. Clutch segments the service providers according to industry and location. Two scores are assigned to each business on the site. The first is called Focus and is based on the services each offers. The second is called Ability to Deliver and takes a few factors into account. Included are work experience, market presence, and client reviews, the last of which carry the most weight. Clutch analysts verify each review by interviewing past clients over the phone or online with in-depth questionnaires. The interviews help capture the full scope of the vendor’s role in each project. Because we always put client satisfaction first, we have a 5-star overall rating on Clutch. Here is what some of our valued clients had to say about us:

“They were very responsive, collaborative, and fun to work with overall. We’d often go to their offices and play ping pong with their staff.” – Vice President of Marketing, Sunglasses E-Commerce Site

“I’m most impressed by the quality of their research. They put a lot of effort into content creation, and it shows in the deeply thoughtful content they provide for our website.” – Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Wire Manufacturer

“ClickGiant helped dramatically increase our organic traffic year over year by upwards of 90–100%.” – Owner, Health Company

Clutch also runs two additional sites. The Manifest considers us one of the top SEO experts while publishing business news and industry insights to help make companies more successful. Their second is a portfolio site called Visual Objects. It lets digital marketing agencies show off the kind of work they can deliver to potential clients.

We are excited to keep growing our presence on Clutch and meeting new clients with their help!