Clutch evaluates B2B companies with a proprietary research methodology. Every month, they feature the top performing firms on the site, which is largely the result of client feedback. ClickGiant is currently ranked 11th out of 12,047 SEO firms listed. However, each year culminates in their biggest award – the Global 2018 Leader Awards, aka the Clutch 1000.

These are the top performing companies across the platform worldwide for 5 main categories and ClickGiant is thrilled to have been selected!

The Clutch 1000 are the top one thousand companies on the site with highest Ability to Deliver. This credential is reserved for companies who have gone above and beyond for their clients. Companies with this honor don’t deliver cookie cutter results. They build experiences and lasting relationships. At ClickGiant, we’re in a highly technical field. PPC and SEO are constantly evolving, and require a vigilant and detailed eye. Our team lives up to this standard, but we also look at every account holistically. SEO isn’t effective without useful content, and it doesn’t matter if you have good content if your website isn’t built properly.

We appreciate the time that our clients take to provide these reviews on Clutch because we’re of the opinion that there is no better way to judge a marketing firm than by looking at their current work and results.

“ClickGiant sends us all of their content before they post it to our website, and it’s clear that they’re consistently researching our industry and our products. Their work directly addresses our customers’ needs, providing relevant information and details.” – Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Vulcan Wire


 “ClickGiant helped dramatically increase our organic traffic year over year by upwards of 90–100%.” – Owner, Tread Labs 

Thank you to Clutch and our clients for your continued support. We value our partnerships, and look forward to building many more in 2019. On the significance of this award, ClickGiant CEO had this to say: “Since the inception of ClickGiant, we’ve always been transparent with results so that prospects could see clearly, how we help businesses. Clutch’s ability to personally interview businesses on their experience with a specific marketing firm is such a perfect fit for us and a huge value to any business looking to find a partner.”

Check out our SEO Results page to see what we’re up to and contact us today if you’re interested in truly growing your presence online the right way.