Can AI Help You Write Better Ads?

Can AI Help You Write Better Ads?

Almost every business with a website needs to run ads online at some point to attract prospective customers and leads. This is a complex process that takes time to learn and implement correctly. But what if AI could do the heavy lifting for you? In this blog, we will look at how AI can help you write better ads and why it may be best to work with a professional instead of relying solely on it. 

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Does AI Help with Advertising?

It depends on what you mean by help. AI has a lot of tools at its disposal for you to take advantage of. With the right knowledge of how to use these tools and what is relevant to your business, AI can help. Below are some things it can do and how it affects the writing phase:

  • Data Analysis: AI can take the data you feed into it to help you solve problems. When it comes to online ads, you need to know your website user’s behavior and what will make them more likely to convert. AI can help you write ads based on this behavior to better convert by analyzing your data. 
  • Personalization: One-size-fits-all ads don’t work anymore, and this is due to the rise in personalization. A good copywriter (someone who writes ads) will study the language and pain points of your audience to make sure the ad will resonate. But AI can aid you in this process. 
  • A/B Testing: It’s important to test which ads will work best. AI can help you write several different versions of an ad quickly so you can run multiple and find out what is appealing most to your audience. 

Can AI Write an Ad? & Should You Use AI to Do It?

Yes, AI can write an ad for you. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you should go ahead and do it without guidance. There are plenty of reasons it’s not wise to rely solely on AI to write your ad, and we cover that below. But here are some things it can do during the writing process:

  • AI can create several versions of ads for you to choose between, guess at relevant keywords, and write for the correct audience. 
  • It can also craft headlines for your ads or taglines using proven formulas.
  • Or it can adapt ads you already have to work better on different platforms.

Can I Use AI to Improve My Writing?

This is a great way to use AI. If you already have an existing ad that you are ready to use, by running it through certain AI tools, you can strengthen it. Not everyone is great at the nuances of grammar and punctuation, but AI can help. It can also let you know the readability of your text and help you to refine sentences so they flow better. Furthermore, it can assist in the tone and style of the text to better speak to your audience. AI is a great editor, but it’s not perfect and can make the wrong suggestions at times. 

AI Tools that Make Ads

There are plenty of tools for you to research to see if they would work well for you during the writing process of your ad. Before deciding on what will work for you, take your budget and goals into account. In our table below are some popular options:

Tool Name Description Generates ad copy variations using keywords and target audience information.
Wordtune Improves the clarity and conciseness of existing writing, including marketing copy.
Jasper Provides a variety of marketing copywriting tools, including ad creation features.
AdEspresso Utilizes AI to automate A/B testing and optimize campaigns specifically for Facebook and Instagram ads.

Why You Shouldn’t Souly Use AI for Ad Creation

It sounds like the dream, right? Being able to tell a program to create everything for you, and instantly getting a return on your investment. But unfortunately, AI isn’t that good yet. Its lack of expertise in certain areas limits what you can actually do. For example, it has limited keyword understanding. 

Limited Keyword Knowledge and Understanding

Sometimes, the AI itself can’t reach up-to-date data on keywords specific to the topic or niche. Other times, it can’t understand the nuance behind the keywords. For example, it may not be able to understand why someone is searching for that term, and therefore, the ad will target the wrong audience.

Trend Blindness

AI also has trend blindness. It’s great at making predictions based on past data, but it can’t always tell what current trends in the industry are. A new relevant viral event is a great thing to grab onto for ad purposes, and AI isn’t able to utilize this tool. 

Lack of Emotion

It also isn’t human. Advertising really comes down to emotional connection, and it’s emotion, not logic, that makes sales. AI isn’t able to feel the same way we can, so it can’t put itself in your audience’s shoes and understand why they might need a service or product. This can result in ads that feel robotic.

Lacks Your Brand Voice

Also, the voice of your brand is important. AI mimics what already exists, meaning it crafts its words based on copy that’s already out there. If your company has never written a similar ad before, the AI has nothing to take from. It also doesn’t know your brand’s mission or values. This can lead to an ad that stands out as different from the rest of your copy. 

Can’t Think Outside the Box

AI does data very well. It can crawl through lots of it and come to amazing conclusions. But it can’t go outside of the box, therefore, every time, you’re going to get a generic, formulaic ad. AI might prioritize clicks and conversions over brand messaging and emotion. The end result is an ad that blends into the background of every other ad. It also won’t always tell you how it came to the formulaic response it did. This is a concern for a company that wants full control. 

You can fix all of these issues by working with a professional copywriter or a company that knows how to make ads convert and sound like your brand, like ClickGiant. They may use AI to help them along in the process, but their result will be better than what any AI can manage alone. 

Can AI Help You Write Better Ads?

Yes, AI can absolutely help you write better ads if you’re unable to write them well, but with a stipulation. AI needs to be a collaborator and not the one making the final decisions. The true takeaway is that it’s the marketer’s creativity and emotional understanding that will make your ads shine, but AI can give insight into the data you have to give you a great jumping-off point. 

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