Best SEO Company East Of The Mississippi

Big deal you say?  As you will glean from any map of the US, there are no less than 26 States East of the Mississippi river!! That is almost half the damn states we have! True story, plus, they are the more competitive states when it comes to SEO, am I right? Who wants to rank #1 for “North Dakota SEO” or “Digital Media in Montana”?

Okay, they’ve got California, home of everything organic including SEO, but we’ll gladly give up California for NY, NJ and CT, known as the Tri-State area with its 20 million plus population. Most of whom finished high school and can perform a Google search! Sure Cali has numbers too but much of their population doesn’t even Google in English for cripes sake. No, we’re just fine with “Best SEO Company East of the Mississippi“!

Maybe one day when the search numbers are on the rise for “tumble weed’ or “potato farmers”, we’ll be forced to expand our SEO borders. But as long as the majority of people are searching for ‘personal injury lawyers’, ‘plumbers’ and ‘proctologists’, the East is the place to be.

If your company is located in one of the 26 States East of the Mississippi and needs SEO help to gain quality leads online, we are the company to hire! Except of course if you’re in Alabama. Nothing but College football searches and it’s very hard to rank higher than the University of Alabama for “Roll Tide”. Everyone else, please get in touch for a free website evaluation.

“Beast of the East when it comes to SEO”