Best AI Tools for Web Design in 2024

Best AI Tools for Web Design in 2024

Companies who are looking to build a website with AI tools for web design face the task of selecting all the right tools and support to create a stunning website that actually draws users in. There are lots of ways to use web design AI to help you design a website from start to infinity, like hosting, content on the page, images, and tools that personalize the website once it is live by tracking human behavior. But in this blog, we will look at how to use AI for the visual web design of your website, from builders to colors and typography and even the website’s structure. 

It may be tempting to delve right in and use AI web design generators to make everything, but AI often has many issues, such as inaccuracies and an inability to understand the nuance of ethics. For this reason, it is imperative to hire someone who knows what they are doing and can help you utilize AI to get it done right. 

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Best AI Web Builder Tools of 2024

Choosing the right AI web design builder tool for your website is about knowing what strengths you are looking for, your limitations, and your budget. Below, we have put together a comprehensive table comparing different builders. No matter what AI you use, it’s always best to use them as assistants as they lack human touch and expertise. 

Tool Strengths Best for
Wix ADI Easy-to-use, AI-driven design, affordable Beginners, quick setup, simple websites
Squarespace Website Builder Stylish templates, strong mobile optimization, e-commerce focus Creatives, small businesses, pre-built layouts
Duda AI Powerful SEO tools, dynamic content, agency-level features Professionals, complex websites, high-traffic goals
Webflow Designer Visually compelling, code-free design, creative freedom Designers, developers, unique visual identities
Landingi Conversion-focused landing pages, A/B testing, marketing integrations Startups, lead generation, targeted campaigns
Site123 Simple interface, intuitive AI, affordable plans Non-technical users, personal websites, basic needs

Best AI Color Palette Tools for Web Design

An AI website builder may know how to put pages together and allow you to drag and drop different components you will need for your users. But it doesn’t always know what brand colors to use or what colors will complement the brand colors you already have in place. A website developer brings more than coding, SEO, understanding behavior on websites, and structure techniques to the table: they know design. 

There are some color scheme tools that can help you with branding and aesthetics and generate color palettes based on color theory. Colors can evoke certain ideas and feelings in people, so this part of the website-building process is important. Below are some AI tools that can help you find complementary colors. 

For Quick Inspiration and Playfulness:

  • Coolors: Super fast generation, random inspiration, downloadable palettes, ideal for brainstorming, experimentation, and playful exploration. This uses algorithms and machine learning to identify themes that work.

For AI-Powered Personalization:

  • Khroma: Learns your preference, generates unique palettes, and is great for finding fresh, personalized choices that align with your brand and vision.

Best AI Typography Tools for Web Design

Typography is a huge part of design that is hard to get right if you don’t have the eye for it. It can make or break the readability of your site and how people feel when browsing. AI predictive tools have stepped up their game to anticipate your future user’s preferences and automate suggestions for which fonts would work best on your site. Here are some examples to look into:

  1. Fontjoy:
  • Strengths: Uses AI to generate unexpected font combinations based on personality, color palette, and other factors. Great for discovering unique options and injecting playful experimentation into your typography choices.
  • Best for: Creative exploration, finding personality-driven font pairings, and pushing the boundaries of conventional typography.
  1. SkyFonts:
  • Strengths: Offers variable fonts, allowing for dynamic customization like adjusting weight, width, and slant. Ideal for developers and design enthusiasts seeking cutting-edge typographic control and advanced features. It uses algorithms for various results. 
  • Best for: Implementing variable fonts for dynamic typography, achieving precise typographic control, and exploring cutting-edge font technology.

Best AI Wireframing and Prototyping Tools for Web Design

Once you have your brand colors and fonts ready to go, you need to have a blueprint in place for what your website will look like before putting in hours of work. Wireframing and prototyping allow you to plan in advance how your website might look, so you can give these sketches to a web developer or AI to build it. 

What is Wireframing?

Wireframing is a step in the development process that involves creating a visual idea of what a website structure will look like, including grayscale outlines that show where buttons, menus, and content areas will be. 

What is Prototyping?

Prototyping takes the static wireframe design and turns it into something more interactive and closer to how the finished product will look. It can have high or low levels of detail but will help to picture the behaviors that may be exhibited on the website. It will ultimately be used for user testing so that changes can be made before the final site is built. 

Wireframing and Prototyping AI

There are some AI tools on the market that allow you to sketch out ideas or take screenshots of elements you’d love to see on your website. It can then generate web pages using AI to look exactly how you want them to. This is a great planning tool. 

Visily: This site helps you go from rough sketches on paper/devices to beautiful interactive models. It can take pictures and turn them into reality, or if you see something on other websites and apps you really like, you can take screenshots, and Visily will apply it to pages to help them come to life. You can also extract themes from existing sites, images, or keywords. Visily helps transform abstract ideas and dreams of how someone wants a website to look and turns it into an interactive vision ready for testing. 

Lucidchart: This AI lets you drag and drop elements to build out how a website might look, but the AI steps in to recommend different shapes that may fit better or go well with the design you have so far. It also allows you to add hotspots and interactions to show how someone may use your website. Once completed, it is shareable for shareholders, developers or other team members. 

Miro: Miro uses AI to assist in its whiteboard-like application where teams can get together to sketch out a wireframe. The AI can help make suggestions to strengthen the ideas you already have. Its AI has many cool features like background removal, content summarization, and AI-generated mind maps. 

AI Web Design Tools: Are They The Future?

AI tools can help to bring ideas that are stuck in your head to life, which is an incredible advantage for someone who is not a web designer but needs to translate their vision to one. AI can also help create simple websites for the casual entrepreneur. Relying solely on AI is never a great idea, as there are so many pieces moving in the background of websites that only a professional understands. These pieces ensure your website is optimized and working properly. 

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