A Marketer’s Guide to AI Prompt Marketplaces

A Marketer's Guide to AI Prompt Marketplaces

A big challenge around AI is understanding it enough to get the exact results you’re looking for in marketing. Because of this, a new sect of professionals called prompt engineers are taking to marketplaces to design prompts for specific results. If you are in marketing or want your business to flourish with the help of AI, integrating prompt marketplaces into your strategy could be the thing you need to improve efficiency and results. In this blog, we will consider which marketplaces may work best for different marketing goals your company may have and learn more about prompts. 

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What are AI Prompt Marketplaces?

An AI prompt marketplace sells “actionable” ideas. Essentially, people create text prompts (instructions) that work for different platforms to unlock AI and make it generate specific responses. Some of the platforms engineers write for are ChatGPT, Jasper, and Bard. These prompts can do things like telling the AI to create very specific blog post copy, ad copy, social media captions, and so forth. Unfortunately, AI is still not perfect, and prompts won’t change this. The results that AI gives from the prompts will still need to be monitored and scrutinized by a professional. 

What is a Prompt Engineer?

A prompt engineer writes the prompts that people buy to put into AI. They are able to understand the coding behind AI enough to give the exact right combination of words to get the desired output. Prompt engineers can also help you by creating tailored prompts that are specific to your company. 

Why are Prompts a Marketer’s Dream?

Prompts can increase your efficiency, as you will spend less time trying to hone the exact result you are looking for from an AI. Engineers now put in that work for you to help create blog posts, social media posts, and even images. 

Prompts don’t just do things for you though–they can inspire you too by helping you to see marketing problems from a new angle, discover fresh ideas you hadn’t considered, and unexpected approaches. The prompts can also allow for multiple versions of content, so you can approach a client with ideas or gather ideas for your own company’s voice and brand to hone down the exact voice or message you are trying to convey with concrete examples. 

How to Choose the Right Prompt Marketplace

Choosing the right marketplace can be overwhelming as there are so many:

Know Your Needs

Define what your goals are for your content,  who your audience is, and the AI you use. Different marketplaces will cater to different fields and tools. 

Explore Offerings

Browse what prompts are available on the marketplaces and the quality. Look into reviews on the marketplace and see how well the prompts are performing. 

Compare Features

Look at rating systems and custom prompt creation services. The more comfortable you become with prompts, the more likely you are to request custom prompts. Check-in on your budget before making final decisions. Below, we have a table comparing features for you to check out. 

Start Small

Start with one or two prompts and test out their results, not just immediate results, but the results of the content once it is posted to the internet, too. 

Create Your Prompt Library 

Once you have decided where you are getting your prompts from, you need to collect them and keep them organized. 


Start by organizing your prompts into folders by their goal or intended output. Then, pick which categories it will fall under within those goals. For example, more engagement could be the goal, and Instagram could be the subfolder. 

Gather Prompts

Collect prompts and test them. Once they are successful, place them in your library. Experiment with prompts that are similar to ones you have tried before; try to write your own, too. 

Curate and Annotate

Keep track of prompt effectiveness and usage patterns. Add notes to each prompt about what has worked and what needs improvement.

Iterate and improve

Continuously update and refine your library as you gain more experience and insights.

AI Prompt Marketing Platforms: A Comparison Table


Platform Focus Tools Supported Features Pricing Pros Cons
Chatsonic General Marketing Prompts ChatGPT, Jasper, Bard User-generated library, community discussions, free to browse Free & Premium memberships Large library, active community, budget-friendly option Quality can vary, some prompts require editing
PromptBase AI Image Generation Midjourney, Dall-E, Disco Diffusion Prompts for visual content creation, image variations, community forum Free & Paid plans Unique focus on AI image generation, advanced features for customization Less emphasis on text-based prompts, pricing can be complex
AIPRM ChatGPT Optimization ChatGPT Curated prompt templates for SEO, SaaS, & Sales & Support One-time payment Saves time & effort, niche-specific prompts, enhances ChatGPT output Limited to ChatGPT, one-time fee is not always ideal
FlowGPT Multi-Tool Support Various AI tools & APIs Prompts for text generation, translation, code, code completion, scripts Free & Paid plans Broad tool compatibility, advanced features like AI assistant & custom templates Steeper learning curve, pricing can be more expensive for heavy users
ChatX Open-source Prompts Various AI tools & APIs Collaborative platform for sharing & developing prompts Free Open-source community, constantly evolving with user contributions Limited features compared to other platforms, relies on user contributions for quality

Guide to AI Prompt Marketplaces

Prompts are more than just instructions as they open up new ways of marketing and creating content both quickly and effectively. They are useful for those new to AI who need help using the tools and even seasoned marketers looking to up their game on the prompts they already have in their library. By using the right prompts, you can skyrocket your content engagement and create something your audience will love. 

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