AI in Email Marketing: Everything You Need to Know

AI in Email Marketing

Email marketing for businesses is still an important part of any marketing strategy for nurturing leads. But to take advantage of the very best of email marketing strategies, it’s important to pay attention to Artificial Intelligence (AI) in this sector. In this blog, we will look at the future of AI in email marketing and how it will impact lead generation and customer acquisition.

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The Power of Email Marketing

Starting with the basics of why our business needs email marketing can help you appreciate the things that AI can simplify for a company during this process. Here are some reasons why experts will recommend email marketing:

Direct Communication

When your audience signs up for email marketing, they already have a trusted investment in the company, as they feel safe to hand over something as personal as an email address. When you use this to reach out to them, you can engage with them personally (if you do it right) and help lead them through a journey and toward a sale. 


Email marketing is appealing because it doesn’t cost as much as other marketing methods.

Conversion Machine

Those deep into an email funnel are often loyal customers or at least warm leads. Therefore, you’re more likely to get conversions with an email campaign. 

Measurable Results

It’s easy to measure your results using email marketing, as everything is recorded, usually using a platform like MailChimp, etc. 

Content Marketing vs. Email Marketing

Email marketing is most similar to content marketing, so a business owner may wonder why email marketing is worth the time and effort compared to other content marketing like blogs, or social posts. Both of these fields of content creation share the same goal: to give information, interact with a target audience, educate, build brand authority, and warm leads. 

But email marketing has a unique place in the world of marketing, as you have a lot more information on the specific person receiving the content. Therefore, a company can send personalized messages that speak directly to that consumer/client’s needs. Email marketing is there to get conversions, nurture leads, and keep your customers/clients up-to-date. But both content marketing and email marketing play their own part. Each works better at different parts of the customer journey. 

Content Marketing Email Marketing
Primary Objective Attract and engage Direct communication
Content Types Blog posts, videos, social media Newsletters, promotional content, emails.
Brand Authority Builds authority Drives conversions, nurture leads
Customer Education Emphasized Supports lead nurturing


Embracing AI in Email Marketing

AI in email marketing, like most marketing with AI, will change how things are done drastically.

Brands already try to target very specific audiences with emails when they do it right. In the past, an expert might do this by placing people into lists based on what they opted in for. But with AI algorithms, this personalization is taken to a whole new level. AI can track far more than the expert can alone and automatically sort leads/customers by their preferences and exact behaviors on a whole array of things, like what they have in their cart or what times of day they open their emails so it’s sent at the right time. This way, the expert lead generator can target each person with very specific information, education, and sales to convert more effectively.

This is taken a step further with predictive analytics. AI can tell you, based on customer behaviors, what they will need or want in the future( a lot of times before they know it themselves). This way, you can target an email campaign at this individual and start the customer journey, or give them the solution they didn’t know existed to a problem they have. 

Automation in email marketing is already a big part of it. Rarely do email marketers write the email in the moment and then send it out immediately. However, AI is bringing a whole new dimension to this with content creation resources. AI can speed up the process of creating several emails needed in an email funnel by writing them for you. Of course, you shouldn’t use the exact copy of what the AI writes; instead, you should work with a content specialist. AI is not accurate and doesn’t have the expertise a professional has. 

The Future Landscape of AI-Powered Email Marketing

AI in the future is only going to become more powerful, and with it will be some exciting developments in email marketing. Here are a few to look forward to:

  • Optimize email campaigns: These campaigns will be optimized in real-time. For example, AI can collect data on those who often open emails from the company and, if they happen not to open an email, send a follow-up reminder. 
  • Create interactive emails: Interactive emails will become a big thing, where products or services the individual has looked at before will be inserted into the email.
  • Automated A/B Testing: A/B testing is a big part of marketing in general, but especially email marketing. Instead of manually creating email headers and text to test against each other, AI algorithms will be able to do this for you with far more accuracy due to vast access to data. 
  • Enhanced Segmentation: AI will refine audience segmentation, ensuring each subscriber receives content that truly interests them.
  • Chatbot Integration: Email will be able to use AI-powered chatbots to give immediate responses to questions leads might have due to the email content. 
  • Voice Integration: Voice-activated emails may soon become the norm. 

Companies Who Do AI in Email Marketing Right

It’s important when looking at marketing to see what larger companies are doing with the new technology available. Often, prominent companies carve the path to how marketing will be done in the future for everyone. 


Netflix is at the forefront of most AI marketing and uses it in incredible ways. When it comes to emails, they target personalization as a key part of their strategy. They do this by knowing exactly what shows the individual will be interested in and ensuring those are advertised to the individual in their email. 


Amazon is always at the forefront of technology in marketing. They use AI to recommend products to customers with their emails based on what they have looked at or similar items they might need. 


Another company that uses AI regularly in its campaigns, Spotify uses AI to make sure specific personalized music recommendations are sent to individual customers in their inboxes. 


Airbnb sends emails that are individualized where they recommend places for the lead to stay, based on where they travel or are researching traveling too. 

Tips for Integrating AI into Your Email Marketing

Using AI in your email marketing is clearly the way forward, but how can a business go about this the right way? Here are some tips:

Step 1: Start by identifying your goals.

It’s important to note what the outcome should be for any marketing campaign. This is true for email marketing, and the goals may change based on the email journey. But once you know the goal for that specific journey, it’s a lot easier to find the right tools and strategies to break it down and achieve it. 

Step 2: Use AI to personalize your email campaigns. 

AI can make much better recommendations for personalization than the average specialist due to the amount of data they can gather. Of course, a good expert will be the one to interpret that data and whether the recommendation is optimal. Using AI this way, you can segment lists faster. 

Step 3: Use AI to automate your email marketing workflows. 

Saving time is saving money, which is why the more you can automate, the better. AI can automate a lot of your steps for you, like sending emails, tracking results, and sending follow-ups. 

Step 4: Monitor your results and make adjustments as needed. 

Tracking how well your marketing campaign is performing is important for making tweaks and not wasting time and money. AI can support this process with automatic data.  

Conclusion: AI in Email Marketing

AI is going to help email marketing make massive strides in lead generation and reach audiences in ways experts have never been able to before. A deeper connection with brands and their audiences is just one of the things we can look forward to in the future. Combining email marketing, AI, and an expert in the field of online lead generation like ClickGiant is the winning combination toward success. 

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