AI Email Marketing Case Studies & Popular Platforms

AI has become an integral part of many marketing strategies, including email marketing. The AI Email marketing segment has been estimated at around 15 billion and expected to reach upwards of 100 billion by 2029. That alone seems like enough reason to read on but of even more importance is making sure your brand keeps up in this uber competitive era we’re living in.

Here are a few case studies that showcase the potential and impact of AI in email marketing, followed by a list of popular platforms.

Email List Segmentation and Personalization:

Company: Sephora

Challenge: To deliver a more personalized experience to its vast email subscriber base.

Solution: Sephora leveraged AI algorithms to analyze the behavior and preferences of their subscribers. This allowed them to segment their list more effectively and provide individual product recommendations.

Result: Enhanced clickthrough rates and a significant increase in revenue from email marketing campaigns.

Optimizing Email Send Times:

Company: Under Armour

Challenge: Ensuring that their emails are opened and not lost in the clutter of the inbox.

Solution: Under Armour utilized AI to determine the optimal send times for each subscriber, based on when they were most likely to open and engage with emails.

Result: A substantial increase in email open rates and a decrease in unsubscribe rates.

Predictive Email Content:

Company: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Challenge: To provide content that is both relevant and engaging to the recipients.

Solution: The Cosmopolitan used an AI powered platform that predicted which content, from event promotions to restaurant deals, would resonate the most with each subscriber.

Result: The hotel witnessed a 40% increase in clickthrough rates.

AI powered Chatbots:


Company: Domino’s Pizza

Challenge: Enhance customer service response times and efficiency in the ordering process via email.

Solution: Domino’s introduced an AI driven chatbot named “Dom.” While primarily used on their website, it also played a role in automated email responses, assisting users in tracking their orders or answering frequently asked questions.

Result: Improved customer satisfaction, faster response times, and an increase in orders.

Email Subject Line Optimization:

Company: Phrasee

Challenge: Creating compelling and engaging subject lines for emails.

Solution: Phrasee, an AI powered copywriting tool, uses deep learning to craft optimal email subject lines that resonate with audiences. Brands like Virgin Holidays have used their technology.

Result: Brands have reported improved open rates, with some witnessing a 2% revenue uplift per email.

Here’s a List of popular AI powered email marketing platforms, some of which were used in case studies above:

HubSpot Email Marketing – HubSpot offers a suite of digital marketing tools including their email marketing platform which leverages AI for smart send times, personalization, and more.

Mailchimp – Known for its user-friendly interface, Mailchimp has integrated AI to help with audience segmentation, predictive demographics, and sending-time optimization.

ActiveCampaign – It has a feature called “Predictive Sending” that uses AI to determine the best time to send emails to recipients.

Omnisend – This platform specializes in e-commerce and has AI-driven features like product recommendations.

Constant Contact – While historically more of a traditional email marketing tool, they’ve integrated more AI-driven features over the years.

SendinBlue – It offers AI-powered send-time optimization, ensuring emails are delivered when recipients are most likely to engage.

Emarsys – An email marketing platform with a strong focus on personalization, driven by AI and predictive analytics.

Iterable – Uses AI to optimize campaigns and enhance personalization.

Phrasee – AI-powered tool that specializes in optimizing email subject lines, as mentioned in the case study above.

Blueshift – This platform uses AI for predictive scoring, look-alike modeling, and more to optimize email campaigns.

These case studies and list of popular platforms underline the growing importance and effectiveness of integrating AI into email marketing strategies. AI not only helps in understanding and predicting consumer behavior but also in creating more personalized, timely, and relevant email content. ClickGiant has been helping brands craft amazing content and marketing materials since 2010. Get in touch today to learn more.