5 Ways Content Creates Cash

As strategic marketers, we know how critical content is when developing a plan to meet our goals. It’s at the core of everything we do, from advertising, to social media, and generating traffic to your website. But why is it so important you ask? Because content is key. It is our center, our lifeline, our vital organ that without it no strategic marketing plan can survive.

More importantly, content creates cash. Cash for the clients, cash for you, cash for everybody. How you ask? Content is key for marketing, and marketing leads to sales, and sales leads to more money for your business.

Search engine giants, like Google, have made content a critical piece of strategy for digital marketing. The idea is to provide relevant and valuable content to create a better user experience. Google acts as a filter so the user doesn’t have to. This means websites and online businesses have to optimize their sites with unique, valuable, and relevant content so they can rank well when users search the web using keywords and descriptions.

What do we mean by rank well? Ranking well on search engines doesn’t mean just landing on the first page, it means landing on one of the top 5 spots of every search that relates to your brand.


89% of consumers use search engines to find online retailers. What does this mean for you? It means without SEO, consumers can’t find you, and if they can’t find you then they can’t buy what you’re selling.

Don’t panic, this is why we’re here. Creating relevant content increases your organic SEO, which lands your site listing higher in the search engine rankings. So keep calm, we’ve got your back. We create the content and generate the traffic, and you get to sit back and rake in those sales. These are 5 different ways to use content to create more cash for your business:

1. Sales

The sales teams and marketing teams have been at odds since the beginning of consumerism. However, the time has come to put down your weapons and work together.

GASP! NO! Yes, I’m afraid it’s true.

Think about it, without content the sales team has nothing to work with. They’re out there shooting blind, hoping someone will stop and listen to them, and eventually make a purchase—but let’s face it, consumers hate the pushy sales guy spiel. And rather than attracting the right consumers, they’re scaring them off.

This is where the marketing team comes into play. They develop the content to attract the right consumers; the ones who are already looking for what you’re selling. The content brings in the leads, and then BAM! The sales team can swoop in, steal all the glory, and seal the deal.

2. Blogs

Blogs are one of the easiest ways to improve organic SEO through content. Blogging allows businesses to write about literally whatever they want. It’s just another way to tell the story of who you are behind your products, express your values, and spread your message.

Blog content improves SEO rankings by exposing more of your brand and your products out onto the web. It allows for a wider range of keyword searches that consumers may be using to find your site, as well as more opportunities for your business to land in the top rankings every time a user searches keywords found within the content on your site.

3. Social Media: Your audience is out there, where are you?

Social media has completely revamped the way businesses interact with their consumers. It is critical for every type of business to have a presence on social media. Statistics show that 62% of millennials research products on Facebook before buying. Since millennials are the largest generation of consumers, it is crucial for businesses to connect with them through the main social media channels.

Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest bridge the gap between consumers and retailers, while creating different types of platforms for content. Businesses can advertise on social media, promote sales and new products, get reviews, and engage with their audiences.

Keep in mind with social media that the main purpose is to be social. Don’t be too pushy or “salesy”. Social media is a place to gain a loyal following, interact with consumers, and promote your brand to wider audiences. It’s also tool that you can use to promote your own blog content and infographics to your audience.

Social media is the place to get loud and proud about who you are as a brand and spread your message.

You know you’re awesome, now make sure the rest of the world knows it too.

4. Add Info to Your Graphics

The cool thing about content is it doesn’t have to be just blogs, articles, or blocks of plain old words. One of the growing trends in the world of content marketing is infographics.

This type of content is a creative way to express fun facts about your brand, your industry, or your products. People out here love these things! They’re interesting, they’re informative, and they’re fun. What’s not to love?

5. Vid-e-Oh!

Video is rapidly becoming the top choice for users to access information. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s informative. Watching videos online has become the preference for millennials to explore their passions, their interests, and for entertainment.  And what’s even better, they don’t really mind the ads.

In fact, YouTube has grown to be the top choice for millennials to search for products and brands over every other social media channel, including Facebook or Twitter. The research shows that mobile video content and advertising creates a larger brand following, as well as perceived more positively by audiences over content consumed elsewhere.

Although, creating video content may be slightly more expensive, keep in mind the ROI. Millennials make up 24% of the population and are a whopping 77 million strong. That’s a huge market of potential audiences that your brand can reach through video content. Remember, millennials connect with brands, not the products. So use your creativity, play on the senses, and be the brand you want to be.

Content— Get Some

A large portion of this information has been catered around millennials. This is because they alone spent $600 million last year. That’s a lot of cheddar. Ask yourself, am I maximizing my marketing efforts? Did they buy what I’m selling? How can I reach this audience?

Understanding who your audience is, where they are, and what they enjoy will greatly assist your efforts when developing the valuable content for your marketing strategies. Without great content your audiences can’t find you, or worse, they won’t connect with your brand.

Contact Click Giant for more information on how you can meet your business goals through strategic content marketing. We can show you the full potential of your brand, increase the traffic to your site, as well as build a solid online presence for your company.

We work hard to create informative, relevant, and valuable content that will bring in more cash for our clients. Want to know more? Contact us today. We’re kind of awesome.