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Clutch Names ClickGiant Charleston’s #1 Digital Marketer

We take a Google-friendly approach when developing campaigns for clients. Our focus is on creating content that will help you rank higher in their search results. When people need something, Google is where they start. In a similar manner, if you want a custom SEO campaign, start with ClickGiant. Even Clutch agrees––we sit at the […]

ClickGiant Makes The Clutch 1000 List!

Clutch evaluates B2B companies with a proprietary research methodology. Every month, they feature the top performing firms on the site, which is largely the result of client feedback. ClickGiant is currently ranked 11th out of 12,047 SEO firms listed. However, each year culminates in their biggest award – the Global 2018 Leader Awards, aka the […]

Top Honors for ClickGiant!

At ClickGiant, our focus revolves entirely around getting our clients more clicks, conversions and customers. Our content-centric, clients-first approach to doing business has made us one of the top digital marketing companies in Charleston with Clutch and its sister site, The Manifest, ranking ClickGiant as high as 3rd in our field thanks to our customer […]

How To Optimize Images For Web

Optimizing your images appropriately for use on the web can help to improve page speed and UX. It can also help to improve your organic rankings. Here’s a quick guide on how to optimize images for web to help you get started.

Content Marketing Podcast – Silicon Harbor Magazine

– Rich: Can you start by telling listeners a little about Clickgiant; the services you provide and who your users and customers are? Jerry: Sure, I started ClickGiant about 8 years ago to help companies get more clicks, conversions and customers online. We focus on content-driven Organic SEO, PPC Management, Web Design & Review building. […]

SEO Content Marketing Services

ClickGiant is a digital marketing agency most known for SEO. But what exactly does that mean these days? It means that we produce great content first and foremost—that also happens to rank extremely well. Through powerful content marketing campaigns, we have achieved giant results for our clients. We always love to share our results with the marketing world […]

Content Marketing for Small Business – Digital Strategies

Whether you have an established online presence or have just published your first website, you can always achieve more online. Opportunities to increase traffic, drive high value leads and ultimately convert are virtually endless. So how can you access the bounty of the web without breaking the bank? The answer is content marketing. And the […]

Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization Services [Guide]

More and more businesses are realizing the benefits of incorporating a solid SEO plan into their marketing strategies. For ecommerce companies, SEO is absolutely essential—especially if the company’s sales are online only. Even companies who are operating brick and mortar stores or pounding the pavement at conferences and tradeshows could see tremendous jumps in revenue […]

Local SEO for Small Business: Google My Business Tips

In our last post in this series, we discussed the Google Knowledge Panel and how it can positively affect a small business’s SEO. Now that you know a little more about the current architecture of Google Search results and how Google uses Knowledge Panels to optimize the user search experience, let’s discuss a tool that […]

SEO vs Content Marketing: What’s the Difference?

What’s the difference between SEO and content marketing, and which is right for your business? Before we get carried away and make you think we’re some kind of tease, we’ll just put it out there. It’s a trick question. In today’s digital marketing landscape, where black hat SEO strategies have fallen by the wayside, there […]